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Okay, so I awoke to a terrible surprise on the 23 - my pictures and photo stream had disapeared!

I have done nothing to my iPod and my pictures are gone. . . RIGHT BEFORE A ROAD TRIP!!!


I have over 500 pics and vids on it and some of them were extremly important.

As of this incedent, I did notice that I have the same availibe space on my iPod - 9.42GB

I checked the about in iTunes and now I have this HUGE "Other" category. . . about the same as what my pics used to be.

My theory is that some how my iPod derped and hid or did something to my photos to make them unreadable.


Anyone know how to fix this?


I have an iPod 4G 32GB and iOS 5.1.1 (I hate iOS 6 so updating is not an option).

It is 1 year old and shipped with iOS 4


P.S. - I have tried restoring from all the backups I had, and sadly, NONE worked ]


Any help?

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1, iPod 4G