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Bulkins Level 1 Level 1

Synch apps worked for years for me. I have about 300 apps synched so far. After downloading 11.0.1 synching apps stopeed working on my mac mini server with Snow Leopard 64 bit server. Strangely appstore app and itunes app disappeared from my devices. An attempt to get the newest 12/26/12 AppStore app failed at synch app stage falied together with other apps hanging after sysnc either in Will Remove or WIll Install.


Synching of books, photos, podcasts, iTune university still works fine. Please fix the app synching bugs.

Mac mini (Late 2009), iOS 6.0.1, iTunes 11.0.1 MacMini64 10.6.8
  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7

    If the AppStore and iTunes Store apps themselves have disappeared have you checked in Settings > General > Restrictions to see that they haven't been disabled?


    There is no separately downloadable AppStore app, so I've no idea what it is you were attempting to download.


    Don't immediately assume it is a bug, before you have checked all user settings, especially when no one else is reporting the same "bug". If it were a bug, it is highly unlikely only you would be experiencing it.

  • GeoJeg Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem. Since ios-update (6) on ipad3 the app "itunes" disappeared. Instead there are the apps Podcast and uTunes. No app synch. All other (music etc) are working. Itunes-software (11-0-1) automatic synch check box is inactive. Synching by cable (Mac Pro 10.7.5). Settings checked. ipad completly set up new. It did not help.