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I use an iMac 24 with OS 10.8.2  I use Aperture on my account and my wife and kids use iPhoto on their separate accounts on the same computer.

For some reason, over the last few months, everytime they open thier iPhoto, my Aperture photos show up first in there.  They have to wait until iPhoto stops its spinning beach ball (creating previews maybe?) before they can hit the Events box to find their own photos.


I have never set anything up to share libraries or anything like that.  This behavior started on its own, possibly during one of the recent system upgrades.  I have looked in the iPhoto preferences to see if there was an option to "automatically open Aperture library at launch" or something similar but could not find any such thing.  Even a search on these boards has been inconclusive.


Does anyone know how I can keep all these iPhotos from opening up other libraries by default?


This is almost as annoying as the 'New software is available" alert message which keeps popping up in everyone's account, even the non admin ones and even after I have done all the available software updates.


Thank you for any help.



Safari, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)