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You need bullets to control special insertion effects for each section of text. How do you hide the bullets so they are not seen, but are still there for the program to act upon.

iMac, iOS 6.0.2
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    bullet symbols have nothing to do with controling builds


    to use text in a build sequence:


    create individual  text boxes

    select all

    Inspector > build

    set up build effect

    delivery by paragraph

    open the side drawer to arrange the build order if necessary




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    Gary Scotland is right.  You do not need to have bullets to have actions in keynote, but if you dont want to remove each bullet into its own text box (its easier to keep everything aligned) and still have your actions apply that you already set do the following:


    select your text and in your Text inspector (The big T), select the bullets tab.  You can select no bullets in the drop down menu.  Make sure that in your Build inspector (the yellow diamond) tab you select "delivery by paragraph".  Once that is selected there is a check box "set timing and order for each build" and select that.  You can now create seperate timing and for each paragraph in your build.

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    Thanks very much. I got it.