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    I bought one of these at Best Buy, and the difference is like night and day. I use my Mini in my bedroom mostly, and my router was in my living room. I plugged this wi-fi booster into the bathroom next to my bedroom, and now the Mini instantly finds the signal and doesn't disconnect. I have 3 bars consistantly and can stream my Netflix with ease. It's worth a try. I got it at Best Buy for 34.99 and they said if it didn't work, I could get a full refund in 30 days. ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361127257&sr=8-1&keywords=netgear+boost+wifi

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    I'm really upset with the iPad mini wifi issues.  I sold my 1st gen iPad and bought my mini and the performance ***** in comparison to my 1G iPad.  I'm in the military, live on base, and mostly use public wi-fi connections so I don't have all the options available to me as those with their own home wi-fi connections.  Hope Apple gets this issue fixed sooner than later. 

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    Same solution here. I got a wifi booster for upstairs because my router is in the basement. The mini never loses the signal anymore.


    I think the main issue is, the iPad mini has issues with reconnecting with a network when it is physically at the outer limits of a wifi network. While my iPhone has no issues with reconnecting to a network when it gets closer to a wifi source, the iPad mini simply won't reconnect as well.


    This is a definite issue if you're trying connect to a 5ghz network but the issue also happens in a 2.4ghz network. The booster was the only thing that worked.


    I've been using the mini for a day and I've had no dropped signals and I haven't had to manually reconnect to a wifi source.

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    My ipad mini would not connect to my home router, my iphone connects and my macbook does also but my new ipad mini was useless and would not work at all, i just kept getting a server message saying 'could not connect to server' and a 'time out ' message and ithe apps would load for a long time but not open or download. My wireless said I was connected at full strength.


    I have spent hours on phone troubleshooting and have sent my ipad mini back to be fixed, I was told there was no issue and it was returned. I then spent more hours on the phone to my internet provider and to apple again. the issue was left unresolved. They said if I go into a store they would replace the ipad for a new one. I did this today and got a new ipad that I checked worked in the store.

    I then came home and the same thing happened. It wouldnt connect, server messages kept coming up and some websites that would eventually load took forever.


    very frustrated at this point I came online and saw someone mentioned changing the wireless router channel from 6 to another number. I googled how to do this and changed my router channel to 2.

    My ipad mini worked immediately and has worked ever since at an amazing speed. All my other devices connected to my router also are  now a lot quicker.

    So my advice is to change the wireless router channel and you should be in luck!

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    I am facing the same issue on my brand new iPad Mini. The wifi connection goes on and off every 5 mins. I tried all the solutions - resetting the router password, changing the router channel from 2 to 3 then to 5. Nothing works. Ironically this is my 1st Apple product and I had lot of expectations from it but I am extremely disappointed with this issue plus I am very upset with how Apple iStore staff disown this issue. I have multiple wifi devices at my home all of them work fine except iPad Mini.


    If this issue doesnt get fixed immediately from Apple's end I would really loose my trust in Apple as a brand. Wifi not working on an apple device is like unbelievable. I wonder what was the device testing & quality assurance team did before rolling out a device like this.

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    The issue I am facing was the same as you, but I replaced my netgear with an Apple Airport Extreme and I can my IPAD mini now connects nicely when I am at home.  The problem is my IPAD mini still doesn't connect to the wifi of any hotel I have stayed at (my macbook does and my iphone 4s does). I have also tryed many other public hot spots, and npo connection.  I connects nicely at the apple store, but they are using an apple router.


    This makes my IPAD useless outside the house, but I seldom travel, so I have been living with it.  My wife's 1st Gen IPAD connects nicely at home and traveling. Does anyone have any luck with IPAD2 or 3?   Is this just an IPAD mini issue?



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    Hello, I am currently traveling with 2 iPhones and an iPad mini. The iPhones easily find and connect to wifi networks within 15 seconds. The mini however can take 5 minutes to find the network and often cannot connect, I have performed all the suggested options with no success. If you have iPad wifi issues do not waste your money buying a new router. iPad minis should be comparable with any router if your other devices can connect in the same locality. The mini is good however if you need to use wifi then stay with a normal iPad until the wifi issue is fixed by Apple.

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    Guys same problem with me so plz help me. I am living in qatar. I can't connect to airport wifi and some parks hotspots.. Plz help me

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    Is this the Ipad Mini or the Ipad Mini w/Retina display? I'm asking because I was planning on getting my girls mini's for X-Mas.

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    I have the ipad mini (without retina display).  Wifi works fine on mine if the router is an Apple router. I replaced my Linksys router with an AirPort Extreme and it works fine with that. I just can't use wifi away from home. Of course the apple stores all have apple routers, so it works there so they can't diagnose the problem.  If you want to use the ipad mini as a mobile device, my experience is it may not be the best choice. Since many people don't have an issue, I assume I just got a lemon and am kind of stuck with it.



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    Okay we bought our son an iPad mini for Christmas, we had problems right away with it connecting to our wifi. We changed the channel like everyone has suggested and it worked fine..... Now out of no where it won't connect again. It sees the router, when we enter the password it says it's an invalid password. It's not and ALL our other devices are connected. It was connected earlier today. It just did it. Now what?!?!?!

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    Earlier I had a problem connecting wi if at my home (not able to connect some of the sites ) but am able to connect from other wifi networks.


    I followed suggestions those are given in this thread but it did not help me in resolving the issue, so I have compared the working wi if router configuration with my home router configuration, only difference I noticed is wireless mode, earlier it used to be 11n, I have changed it to 11bgn mixed, it started working now.



    Hope this will help some of you guys, my ipad mini wi if issue is permanently fixed now

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    I am now on my third iPad mini. There is an inerrant flaw with the wifi on these things as I have had the problem on all 3. It may show I am connected to wifi with 2 or 3 bars but can't get anything to load. If I turn off wifi wait a second then turn back on again it will work 9 times out of 10.


    I even paid $199 for Apples latest Airport  to try and solve the issue.

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    I am facing the same issue, it connects, shows the bars, but doesn't load content at the Safari and other apps.

    resetting the network works for sometime, but it stops working again.

    My mini has version 7.1

    Model MF432LL/A

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    It's actually a costly junk box with such  issues and apple is not able to fix them. And ironically it selling these buggy products in the markets...

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