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Well, apparently Apple doesn't want us to talk about this -- They locked the previous forum I had created after 217 posts and 16k views?


I'll assume there is some other Apple Forums rule that I don't know about that would cause them to do that instead of trying to stifle the reporting of this problem?  It was clearly generating many posts that show a correlation between IOS6.0.2 and battery issues.


To summarize... I was having significant WiFi issues on all my apple products (several Iphone 4's and and Ipad2) with 6.0.1 - all the same issues that have been reported on these forums thousands of times.  I was excited to see 6.0.2, hoping it would correct the wifi issues for my iPhone5, at least. Unfortunately, not only did it NOT correct my wifi issues, but now my battery is draining about 5x compared to before.  I can barely get through a day of batterly life with minimal usage whereas before 6.0.2 I was easily able to go 2+ days.


An apple representative called me today (actually he tried very hard to call me for several days.)  I was appreciative of the reachout (saw my other post) and was hopeful they would be willing to help me.  The guys was very nice, but it truly felt like he was reading a script and was more interested in getting information from me.  The only advice he ad for me was to back up my phone and then reset it to factory settings (like new) without using any of my previous apps, mail, etc.  He wanted me to do this "for a day or two" to test it and see if the problem persists.  Then, if the problem is gone, we can work together to restore apps/settings one-by-one until we find why the problem is there.  In other words, they have no idea what is causing this problem, and they want to use my time to help them figure it out. 


Ironically, I was able to watch my battery indicator drop several percentage points while I was on the phone with him for about 20 minutes. 


When he asked if I would do the restore and/or load profile software on my iphone to track my usage, I said no.  I shared with him I'm simply out of time and energy -- I have logged over 40 hours trying to debug these wifi issues (I'm somewhat tech savvy and figured I could just plow my way through to a solution with my router/security settings.)  When I realized that these issues are all IOS driven, and now the battery issues, I find I've had enough.


Maybe I'll go return this Iphone5 and ask for a replacement.  However, I'm also seeing other posts saying that did not solve their problems.


We are talking about wifi and battery life.  This is not new technology. 


If IOS 6.1 doesn't correct these issues, it's probably time to buy an Android.


Please keep posting things directly relevant to BATTERY issues with iPhone5 so that this thread can stay on task and bring to light the correlation between 6.0.2 and the battery.  Maybe Apple will care about their loyal customers, acknowledge the issue, and let us know how much longer we should wait for 6.1 to fix the issue before it's too late and they start losing their fan base.  No information from Apple is only exasperating the problem.

iPhone 5, iOS 6, IOS 6.0.2
  • brad805 Level 5 Level 5

    Apple Warranty is excellent, use it. But first, Restore iPhone on computer with current iTunes. When prompted Set Up iPhone as New. After that, if you want then you can Restore from Back Up all your contacts and such, or use iCloud to replace your stuff. See how the iPhone functions after this. If still a problem, make Genius reservation or Service arrangements and take or send to Apple for resolution under Warranty. You can fiddle with all the settings you may like, but if the battery is faulty and weak, changing settings will not fix it. In my small world, about 20 friends and family have iPhone 5 and none are having the problems you describe. So you may just need a good working iPhone like they have. The only thing that worries me, is that you are having problems on multiple devices, and in my world there are hundreds of Apple devices and no significant problems. Good luck.

  • atdguy Level 1 Level 1

    So, Brad805... what you are saying is we should all go get new Iphone5 because of warranty issues because ours are faulty?  Everyone that is posting an issue due to new IOS6.0.2?

  • Saxilby Level 1 Level 1

    I am overseas right now so my iphone 5 is usually  not even connected to the internet, wif-fi is switched off and phone not used for anything much, but battery is drained after about 5 hours since 6.02 and phone gets warm. Wi Fi does connect better when I do use it. Have to plug in to charger to use the alarm otherwise it will switch off by morning. Hope 6.03 comes soon. (Battery was fine at 6.01)

  • Smiley Tiger Level 1 Level 1

    Bl00dy h3ll !  Since I updated to IOS 6.0.2 , my 10 days old Iphone 5 has become an expensive piece of junk in my pocket !  An expensive smartphone without the battery capability to last 1 full hour of gaming and web browsing is just a piece of impractical junk !!


    To those reckless , irresponsible and stup1d Apple engineers who came out with IOS 6.0.2 may you rot in h3ll ! Thanks for screwing millions of customers in the globe ! All of you should be arrested , charge in court and if found guilty sentence to hard labour jobs in the middle of desert in Utah !


    My Xmas is screwed because of  IOS 6.0.2 !!

  • ToyGun1 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello, Same issue here too tried everything i can think off even draining the battery to 0% three times and DFU Restore via itunes battery still draining.

    Fun thing is my ipad mini runs 6.0.2 without any battery issue at all.

  • Nathan Goldshlag Level 1 Level 1

    Well the restore as new phone, while extreme, is certainly something to try.  A less intrusive thing to try is settings--> general--> reset all settings.  These have helped some people.  Before you do the former, take screen shots of all your folders so it will be easy to recreate them.

  • Saxilby Level 1 Level 1

    After calling Apple support, did a new back up and then factory reset. Battery was the fine. Now done a backup restore and the battery problem is fixed, infact much beter than ever and no wi-fi issues either.

  • Databird Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same experience with a new iPhone 5 that I bought  last week. Did not have a chance to measure battery life before the 6.0.2 upgrade installed but I set up my phone exactly like my 4S and immediately started running out of power after short periods. Went to Xmas get together with fully charged 5 and 4S. Heading home the iPhone 5 shut down for low battery and the 4S had 65% power. Both phones had two half phone calls on then and no data usage.


    That night I fully charged the iPhone 5 and, without lighting it up, put it on my night table. Next morning I picked it up and looked at battery indicator and I had 42% charge with NO activity!


    Tried it again next night and wound up with 37% charge. (Slept longer).


    Today I called the carrier and reactivated the 4S.  Took the 5 to Apple Store and they kindly gave me choice of new replacement phone or refund. I took the refund. Uniquely, the Apple Store said it was Verizon CDMA phones that were coming back.


    The are other strings on this with temporary solutions, but from my experience with 7 firmware changes on an HTC 4G phone the problem will continue because the solution will be hardware caused. We are in the days where RTM means Rush to Market - not Release To Manufacturing.


    I fear the only solution is to either wait for the next model (I did not notice a really major change in performance over the 4S in LTE heavy Seattle area) - or switch to another manufacturer.


    It might be useful for these forums to indicate if you have a GSM or CDMA phone to see which have more problems.



  • Michael9009 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Same problem here. I have similar battery life issues since I updated to iOS 6.0.2. It's a complete total disaster. The battery life was very good on iOS 6.0.1: seven hours of usage and many more on standby. Now I'm lucky if I get 4.5 hours of usage. Hopefully, Apple will come up with an update that would fix the battery issue soon. Hopefully...

  • iNaninet Level 1 Level 1

    We got this iPhone 5 last Friday and updated to 6.0.2 to fix WiFi issues according to the information provided. The phone 's battery does not hold charge like it should. By the evening, its indication low battery warning at 20% while others with iPhones are telling us it should last almost two days! We have an appointment this evening with Apple to see what will happen. Our Andriod phone last much longer and they are know to eat up battery quick.

  • sl8X Level 1 Level 1

    I start my day at 8 Am and by 2pm i have my battery die on me after 6.0.2 .... What do i do ? get less then 5 calls, my whatsapp, no net surfing, 30 mins of ios games on the way to work .... thats it ... My 4S could last me until at least 5pm after i finish my work ... Please do someting Apple

  • wii4u Level 1 Level 1

    Yup i do agree with you battery life has made our device pretty useless and the worst part is that apple does not support downgrade! atleast they should allow us to downgrade to ios 6.0.1 since they cannot release a fix early! apple u got to bring out a solution early!

  • chanimalcrackers Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the exact same problem. This is terribly frustrating. I updated to iOS 6.0.2, and since my battery has been draining substantially faster than normal. I usually charge my phone at night, and unplug it in the morning. I start off with 100% battery life, but by midday (without doing anything), the battery drains to about 50%. Just today I'm monitoring my battery life, and it has drained 10% in the past half hour, and I'm still not doing anything with it. The Genius Bar told me to adjust my notifications settings (which I did), but it is still draining like a SOB. Apple, please fix this issue stat!!!!! I've been a loyal customer for a VERY long time, but I am tempted to switch to an android now. ****, I'd even settle for a blackberry at this point.

  • madatapple18 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple is still signing for 6.0.1 so you can RESTORE BACK to 6.0.1. Just download the 6.0.1 IPSW for your device and then press the shift key while pressing restore (on windows) which will open a window. Select the downloaded IPSW and you'll be back on 6.0.1. And since Apple is still signing 6.0.1 THIS IS NOT A HACK

    OR AN UNAUTHORIZED downgrade. So it DOES NOT void your warranty because Apple is allowing you to downgrade because they've allowed the 6.0.1 window to remain open. I did it for my iPhone and it all worked out fine.

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