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  • rodman Level 1 Level 1

    I did this without the closing of all the apps and it worked for me.  No issues after this

  • BruceTech Level 1 Level 1

    I'll give this a shot.

    Of course the downside is that you will have to re-enter all your WiFi passwords, I believe.

  • Bobcastlehouse78 Level 1 Level 1

    Good luck trying to fix this I going back into store to get a replacement I hope it not software related issue. After reading so many post regarding to this battery issue on 6.0.2 why haven't we receive a fix yet from apple.

    Seems like they are keeping silent regarding this matter just Wow.

  • tieubavuong2719 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey you guys .you can turn air plane mod on when you are not using the ip ,like sleeping or the works. I tried

  • Gregir Level 1 Level 1

    I tried this fix three separate times and it has not helped.

  • mufti786 Level 1 Level 1

    I also just bought the iphone 5 couple of weeks back. I upgraded to 6.0.2 because i was having wi-fi issues like so many others. i tried the solutions offered by other community members such as advancing the date, changin the subnet mask etc but nothing seemed to work. SO finally i upgraded to 6.0.2 but it has not fixed any issue besides this new issue of very significant battery drain. Last night i slept with 90% charge in the battery. I was down to 55% in the morining without using the phone. It is such a shame that apple cannot fix basic issues such as these. Other issues with my iphone 5 on ios6.0.2 are that i cannot connect to itunes at all throug app store, itunes, passbook or any other app. so effectively my expensive smartphone is not so smart at all. Also i cannot connect to certain applications such as facebook over the wi-fi. am eagerly waiting for the next update. hopefully these issues will be fixed in that. any idea when the next update is coming?

  • Legion671 Level 1 Level 1

    I bought my iphone 5 in early December and it was running perfectly on ios 6.0.1 with fantastic battery life.

    After updating to ios 6.0.2 my iphone can hardly run for 5 hours with minimal use (very light web browsing) before being almost completely dead.

    I've tried all the above suggestions (resetting, restoring, turning off almost every feature) however this is clearly 100% an ios problem as the phone was perfect before the update.


    I am beyond frustrated and angry at the lack of even the most basic acknowledgement on Apples part, this is clearly a widespread problem (from the numerous posts and threads like this one) even a basic google search of the issue comes up with many sites talking about the issue and yet there hasn't been a single response from Apple. I have yet to see even a single official acknowledgement of the problem.


    I Understand that these kinds of things happen however to leave us in the dark and not even mention whether ios 6.1 will address this issue is deplorable and shows a huge disregard for their customers.

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  • Mik3yD Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the exact same issue with battery drain directly related to the IOS 6.0.2. I did not have this problem prior to updating the software. I called Apple tech support, they tried sending me something over the air to see what is going on...that didn't work. Apple tech support told me to bring in my phone to an Apple store for diagnostics/repair. I kindly told the person on the phone that I am not accepting a repair on a 18 day old phone and I want a brand new one. My phone battery dropped 6% during my 15 min conversation with the Apple support tech...and I was not calling from my iPhone and everything was turned off.


    After updating to 6.0.2 the phone would last 4 hours with minimal usage until its totally dead. That is with wifi off, siri off, icloud off, bluetooth off and brightness all the way down.


    After being given the run around from Apple...I had enough. My brand new iPhone 5 that I paid $750+ was a total brick and I am 100% sure the update to 6.0.2 caused my problem as I was not experiencing this problem prior to updating. Sending an 18 day old phone for repairs and or giving me a refurbished one is totally unacceptable for a device this expensive.


    After all this hassle from Apple, I sold my iPhone 5 and now I own a Galaxy Note II and I am never looking back!

  • Nathan Goldshlag Level 1 Level 1

    Did 6.1 fix the battery issue people had with 6.0.2?

  • Nathan Goldshlag Level 1 Level 1

    With 6.1 I am at 79% with 3 hours 3 minutes usage, 7 hours 47 minutes standby.  I have an iPhone 5 on Verizon, location services on, wifi on, bluetooth on, ask to join networks off (under wifi).  I did a hard reset after the update - hold both buttons down until the apple appears.  So I do not believe there is a battery drain problem with 6.1.

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    Have an iPhone 4s , upgraded to 6.0.2 two days ago and noticed my battery was draining real fast.  Had mine on charge through the night, within 2 hours of being charged it  went down to 6% without even using it.

    Have just tried your suggestion, hope it works for me. Thanks :)

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