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    Apple must have given guideline of making sure your app supports iOS 4.3 and higher versions..But deliberately they would not have asked to stop supporting iOS 4.2.1


    So basically you guys from whatsapp conveniently stopped supporting earlier versions (which is a good amount of overhead and who likes extra work!!) and blaming on Apple is the best way out.


    Seriously..for a paid's shameful. Apple should have made sure not to lose existing clients like this..but whatspp you guys messed it big. I WANT MY MONEY BACK  WHICH I PAID TO SUCH LETHARGIC COMMUNITY OF DEVELOPERS AND MANAGEMENT EXPECTING A LONG LASTING SUPPORT.

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    Hi all, after searching the net to nausiam, i downloaded an app called blue stacks, i installed it, then searched for Whatsapp messenger.... i installed it, it asks for your country & cell number, then precedes to verify your account, taking a chance i opened whatsapp on my iphone 3g (ios 4.1) and it went past the verification.  Dont know i it will work for everyone (i hope so) but ya give it a bash, i rekon the problem is that whatsapp is blocking request from the older version of whatsapp, however the only issue is verisfication after that is complete via the bluestacks program it works, will see how it goes an report back.  thanks

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    Do you install bluestacks on your computer and then synch your iphone? I looked for bluestacks in the AppStore and it can't find it. Thanks

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    download the program (blue stacks )and install it open bluestacks search for whatsapp, install it, when you open Whatsapp in bluesticks it will ask for your country and number, it will then verify, ince it is verified whatsapp should work on your phone, note everything is don on your pc and not on iphone. thanks

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    Hello folks,

    BlueStack is the ANSWER.> Connect my iphone 3G 4.2 > Install BS on my mac > Run BS
    > Run WhatsAPP > Type in my phone number and VOILA !

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    I tried Blue Stacks and can use whatsapp on my laptop..but on iPhone it's still asking for Verification Any suggestions guys..

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    Can you give more details on what you did?

    Is your iPhone connected ?

    WhatsApp just asked me for my Phone number. That's all

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    I just joined the group and let me justsay this is just outrageous, yes it's true that the iPhone 3G is an older version if the iPhone branch but like I read in other post, they could just let us stuck with the last version we had of whatssap and do not upgrade it anymore. It is the 21 centrury and these supposed to be smart phones, how the **** can they just let us behind!

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    what whatsapp version are you installing?? Are you sure you have 4.2.1 ??? I did all you said, and no luck

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    Hey guys, here's the last email from whatsapp. things are running fine now. thanks you guys for all the support.



    If you are using an iPhone 3G and have WhatsApp Messenger version 2.8.4, you can continue using WhatsApp. You will need to re-verify the same phone number that you were previously using.

    If you have an iPhone 3GS or later, you will need to update to WhatsApp Messenger version 2.8.7 from the App Store on your iPhone.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!


    WhatsApp Support Team

    **Interested in translating for us? Please visit **

    Take a look at our FAQ:

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    i know 4.3 ios is working. But with 4.2.1?? did they specify which ios are they talking about??

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    Guys it works now!!! Whatsapp replied saying you just need to verify you number again and it will work. Looks like the emails and creations of these forums and complaints made it happen! Glad they pulled their finger out. So no need for blue stacks or whatever some people are suggesting you install onto your macs or PCs. Try it and feedback.



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    Well Im still not able to install it from the app store, I'm getting a message that requires iOS 4.3, and I have 4.2.1. I've try to do it with a what's app v2.8.4, but still not able.. Any ideas ?

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    It worked for me as jeebee said: you just need to verify you number again and it will work! (iPhone 3G - iOS 4.2.1)

    With no need for bluestacks (i  installed it yesterday on my mac and was planning to try it)..

    Our emails and requests were heard/read this time ..