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I have found unrelated articles about making small <audio> snippets, but using the "simple transport controls" Start/Pause/Stop/Rewind buttons. The best example I can imagine for what I must provide, is a "horn button". Click it and it beeps.


Has anyone got the code working for this in iBA? (As an HTML widget)

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    If you have an image (like a button) that you want to play a short sound (without the transport controls), use the widget inspector and click on the interaction panel: you'll see a choice: display audio as: scrubber, button, image. Select button, or image if you want a custom image, and you're all set. Hope this works for you.

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    That's what I thought. I selected image. Both Macs running 10.8, same iBA release.


    When I shipped the .iba to the authors for testing, after they published it and sent it to their iPad, it did not work. My immediate assumption was that I did something wrong.