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Hi, I still have problems reinstalling Final Cut Pro even though I followed these steps.

Reason why I have to reinstall is because I have repaired my Macbook Pro hard drive at a Mac Authorized Repair.


Short history of repair and my Final Cut Pro installation:

1. Macbook Pro stopped working, sendt it for repair. Had the Final Cut Pro installed,

2. Desided to try a MiniMac and recovered my backup with Time Machine, got the Final Cut Pro working.

3. Got my Macbook Pro back from repair, did backup on this one as well. But this time only the files not the Applications.

4. Removed the files as mentioned in HT5149. Didn´t find "com.apple.motionapp.plist" to remove though, but the others I found.

5. When I try to install Final Cut Pro from App Store, it downloads the application as planned. But after download it won´t show in the Application folder nor in the downloads folder, nor will it start an installation prosess. If I pause the installation in App Store, I can see the Final Cut Pro icon in my Dock. (But, as mentioned, after installation it won´t show neither here or in the Applications folder).


Any suggestions on what I should try now?

Thanks for any reply, I´m in deep water here...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Sounds like there is a file you're not getting.  Never do a removal manually.  It's so time consuming and a pain.  There's a very easy and fast way to do this, safely, properly.


    Get the free "Final Cut Remover" app from Digital Rebellion (dot com), use this to remove FCP X.

    Reboot the Mac.

    Download from scratch.


    If you're not seeing FCP X in your app folder, run Disk Utility to Repair all drives.

    If that doesn't help, try running Disk Warrior from Altsoft to repair the directories on all drives.

  • Li82 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, thanks for feedback. I tried out you first two suggestions, and I think it didn´t work in my case. Seemed like I got all the files removed with Final Cut Remover though. Then I tried an upgrade of my OS to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 to see if that helped, and it actually did. Final Cut installed perfectly after upgrading to Mountain Lion, if removing with Final Cut Remover did part of the job I don´t know...maybe.

    Then I didn´t try the last suggestion with the Disk Warrior cause upgrading OS seemed cheaper than buying Disk Warrior.


    Thanks anyway for your help!