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I am having issues syncing with all of my products and would love some assistance, please. 


I have the new ipad and the iphone 5.  I also have an imac running Mac OS X (version 10.6.8).  I can sync the ipad and iphone 5 with icloud but I end up with a lot of duplicates.  Nothing seems to be syncing with the imac.


I used to be able to keep my imac as the primary item that I would make all of the changes on, plug my ipad into the computer and when it would sync (over itunes), it would make the calendar/contacts adjustments on to the ipad, but since getting the iphone, that just isn't happening any more.  Is it because of icloud?  Now, there is nothing on my imac calendar - the iphone seems to be the primary with both the ipad & iphone having a ton of duplicates (both in the calendar and the contacts)!


Thanks sooo much for any assistance you can provide! 

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2