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my brothers ipad is 5.1.1 but mine is a 6.0.1 these are updates please answer

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    The iPad 1 does not have a camera, but the iPad 2 does.  Therefore the iPad 2 will have Camera and PhotoBooth Apps.


    My iPad 2 is up-to-date at iOS 6.0.1.  I understand that the iPad 1 can not be updated to iOS 6.


    My iPad 2 does not appear to have dictation.  Perhaps your Brother's iPad has a dictation App that yours does not.



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    do you happen to know how i may get this dictation app my brothers ipad was bought from walmart and mine form apple.com

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    Look at the A number on the back of the iPad.

    Identifying iPad models



    The iPad 3 & 4 came with Dictation app. However, there's a dictation app for older iPads called Dragon Dictation.


     Cheers, Tom

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    well my brothers is a ipad 2 but he has it already could the problem be were the ipad was bought?

    mine was from apple

    his was from walmart

    please answer

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    What is the problem you are trying to solve?  If your Brother's iPad 2 iOS is not at revision 6.0.1, it needs to be updated.


    If you both have an iPad 2, then they both should have come with the same Apps, regardless of where they were bought.  There are slight differences between models that have a cellular internet connection, and models that are WiFi only.


    If his iPad 2 has a dictation App, he may have downloaded the Dragon Dictation App from the iTunes App Store as Tom suggested.  You would need to do the same with your iPad 2, if you want dictation capability, unless you both share the same Apple ID.  If that were the case, all of your purchased Apps should be available to all compatible iPads, iPhones and iPods that are synchronized to iTunes on the same computer.