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I just got a new MIDI controller and want to start using it instead of my current Korg Nanocontrollers.  I've unplugged the Korg devices, and now whenever I open Logic Pro 9 I get 2 errors that read about the same:


1. Device "nanoKontrol" is assigned to MIDI port "CTRL" which is not present.

2. Device "nanoKontrol" is assigned to MIDI port "Slider/Knob" which is not present.


My question is how do I remove this issue?  Is there a way to disassociate a controller from Logic 9?

Logic Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Using PODXT as Audio Device
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    I would check in two places:


    Do you have any assignment in the Controller Assignment window?

    Preferences > Control Surfaces > Controller Assignment


    Do you have any MIDI Object in the Environment assigned to the old MIDI Device


    These kind of "ghost" assignments are not an issue with Logic but with the Project. Same thing happens with audio devices. They are stored with the Project itself and if you open it up on a different machine with different hardware configurations or change your own hardware setup, then you run into those issues.


    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich



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    I did figure it out and it was actually pretty simple.  I went into the Controller Assignments window and simply deleted the controller from the available list.  I closed Logic, reopened it and it cleared up the problem.