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Hi, my G4 iBook is not maintaining date and time settings. There are printing issues as well. One page prints as expected with subsequent pages of the same document illegible. Document is AppleWorks 6. I hope the issue is the battery.


I ordered new battery that should arrive by Firday. My thinking is that I should allow the battery to warm to room temperature before putting it on the iBook to charge.


Is that th way to go? It's cold here and the battery has been at a UPS location for 5 days withuot moving. Probably an uneated environment.


Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    Would agree with you in regards to the battery being the fault of your clock reset. This may well effect printer settings too. Replacing the battery should resolve this problem.


    My advise, just make sure you calibrate your battery before use.

    This will provide you further details on how to care for you new battery:




    Best of luck

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    Knucklesmac, thank you for your post. I will calibrate the battery as soon as it arrives. I think I'll let it reach room temp before placeing it on my iBook. No good reason just a precaution.


    I will post back after the new battery is in use.


    Thanks you!