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One day I was trying to transfer some large files from my PC to my 08' Macbook Pro (via wireless home network). The Macbook stalled during the transfer so I tried cancelling the transfer, but wasn't able to. I ended up turning off the MBP entirely. When I turned it on now, it took about 10 minutes to fully start up (the majority of the time being at the desktop interface, loading up the upper header, dock etc.). Before, it took max 20 seconds. And now, whenever I try to do simple tasks such as right clicking, or selecting the spotlight searchbar, the computer will stall again for 5 minutes or so before finally letting up.


I check the Activity Monitor and RAM capacity and CPU activity are well before their limits. I've tried disk repairing, permissions repairing but they don't seem to change anything, although some errors did show up. I have no items opening at startup (I've checked launchagents, startupitems etc.). SMART status is good.


From what I've heard, my hard drive shoudn't be failing with just 4-5 years of use.


I'm using Mountain Lion Cache Cleaner right now, but it's taking ages to open so I'll post the above in advance.


Any kind of advice or help would be highly appreciated!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Since this started when you stopped the file transfer, is it possible that space was reserved on the MacBook Pro, essentially leaving you with not much available free space?  Some backup programs behave that way.  General rule is that you want 10% or more of your disk capacity free for systems usage. Much less than that and the system can slow to a crawl. 


    In your post, it says your MacBook Pro is using 10.6 Snow Leopard, however you're using a Mountain Lion cache cleaner? What operating system are you using?

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    That's simply what the program is called. It's meant to work on older OS's.


    Yeah that was probably the problem. There was about 15GB out of 160GB left, and I was attempting to fill the rest.


    Funnily enough, the MBP started working fine on a restart about 15 hours since the symptoms of slowness started showing. This is weird, but I took no chances and made a complete backup anyway.