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I just have a new album of Kelly Crarkson "The Collection".


When I update to iTunes Match, I'm glad to see all song Match!

I download songs my iphone with itunes match and listen, than I found some songs is wrong!


There is 4 CD in this album.


Songs                                   /  Who match to ...

CD1 Thankful                          CD2 Breakaway

3. Low                                   / 3. Behind These Hazel Eyes

5. What's Up Lonely (not clear)

6. Just Missed The Train        / 6. Addicted

7.  Beautiful Disaster *           / 7. Where is Your Heart

9. Thankful                            / 9. You Found me

10. Anytime                          / 10. I hate Myself For Losing

11. A Moment Like This         / 11.  Hear Me

12. Before Your Love             /12. Beautiful Disaster


CD2 Breakaway                     CD1  Thankful

1. Breakaway                          1. Teh Trouble With Love


I don't know what's happened? Songs in My itunes is correct, but who in the iTunes Match is wrong!


Is there someone has same problem?

iTunes Match
Solved by Michael Allbritton on Dec 26, 2012 9:51 PM Solved
Start here: https://expresslane.apple.com/GetproductgroupList.action