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okay so my iphone has been giving me major issues since i got it exactly one year ago.


my iphone:

-black 4s 16GB Verizon iOS 6.0



-my caller id on other phones comes up as "blocked" or "restricted" unless i dial *82 then the number i want to call. verizon tells me i do not have "caller id blocking" turned on

-when i receive a text message or imessage the incoming number shows up as 82 then the number (ex. 821234567890) instead of the contact number. when i slide to reply it insists on creating a new message, not adding to the conversation already in the messages app.


when i first received this phone, purchased from verizon on the internet, i was unable to activate the device. when i took the phone to the apple store, they told me it was set to vodafone (british?) but somehow verizon support was able to activate the iphone. because of these problems ive had to save contacts in my phone with their regular number for texting (ex. 123-456-7890) and their number with *82 (ex. *82 123-456-7890) for calls, so my caller id shows. Siri will not dial numbers that start with * or #, making the feature basically useless.


does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or do i have to buy a new phone (which i don't really want to do).


thanks in advance,



iPhone 4S, iOS 6