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can i delete the "other" space on my iphone

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.2
  • AnaMusic Level 9 Level 9

    Other is usually around 1 GB...


    A  ' Large Other ' usually indicates Corrupt Data...


    First Try a Restore from Backup... But... if the Large Other Persists, that is an Indicator of Corrupt Data in the Backup... Then a Restore as New is the way to go...


    Details Here  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414



    More Info about ‘Other’ in this Discussion



  • Raqtor Level 1 Level 1

    After much searching I found a way to fix this issue but it requires you to use a 3rd party program called iExplorer



    Install the program. You do not have to buy it unless you want to. Fix works with demo mode.


    1. Insert your iOS device and find it on the left side of the program
    2. Go into Media then go into iTunes_Control
    3. In here find the Music directory and delete it (right click and select delete)
    4. close iExplorer and open iTunes. Select not to sync songs, movies and podcasts. Then sync your device. When done select to sync songs, movies and podcasts again. Sync your device again.


    All the corrupted data will be gone and your Media will be back on your device.


    I would only recomend doing this if you really have an issue. I havent heard of anyone having problems with this solution but who knows.

    Please if you experiance problems with this solution. Write a reply.

  • pdroth Level 5 Level 5

    Your solution works for some, but definitely not all people.    OTHER also includes iMessages and photos/MMS included within those messages, and there is a known bug that despite deleting the messages from your phone the photos still reside on the phone.   This was fixed in 6.1, but the fix did not erase ones orphaned prior to 6.1.

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    I was able to resolve this problem without restoring my phone.  The clue came from step 4 in Raqtor's post.  It seems that the software is just trying to clean up a bad sync.  So I did the same thing.  I turned off syncing music, which I knew had caused my corruption.  I also unchecked 'sync only checked songs and videos' in the summary for my device.  I ran the sync and the 'Other' data disappeared.  I turned the music sync back on and was able to sync with no problems.  The 'Other' data size went from 15 GB to 1 GB, which I understand is normal.   

    I have and iPhone 5s with iOS 7. 

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    charlesdwilliams wrote:


    I have and iPhone 5s with iOS 7. 


    And the Original Poster had an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0.2 and asked their question 11 months ago.

  • charlesdwilliams Level 1 Level 1

    Obviously the problem continues AnaMusic.  What's your point?