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    Haha, yea it didn't hit me too.

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    I still can't believe myself reading this, I have an iTouch 4G and an android device, but, it's not about using only whatsapp on another device, it's about getting exactly what I paid for, I still use my N95 and even on that phone I can still use whatsapp, c'mon guys, iPhone was one of the BEST smartphones, and now it's just "expired"?


    Thank you Apple.

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    i just have one thing to say:


    :' (

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    so i got the same problem...

    but why they can´t send us a code by email ?

    with Viber it´s working fine

    checked right now ... so why the **** we can´t use Whatsapp anymore ????

    isn´t it possible to use the same Notifcation system for old devices ?

    i have an newer and an older device

    but i dont want to take my new device with me for work *g*

    Dive Instructor in Egypt / Sinai ... DESERT!!!


    so what´s up ????

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    Imo, this is just like if sony stopped releasing new FW for the old psp, and only keep updating the vita now...


    this makes no sense at all, since it isn't obsolete, no matter how hard they try to "sell" it to me.


    I'm glad i've only tested an iPhone before buying it i'm not risking getting a iPhone5 so that in less than a year it becomes "obsolete" for apple.

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    I have the old Iphone 3G of my brother.

    He tried to change the account but they told him to update the app. Unfortunatly it doesn't work ! Do you know how to contact the devolopers ?

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,894 points)

    Seb011 wrote:


    Do you know how to contact the devolopers ?

    Type "whatsapp" into your favorite search engine. Or, look back through this thread.

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    XMS eBuddy still works on the iPhone 3G, maybe we can all switch to eBuddy, as the App seems to be supported (not sure for how long). Most of my iPhone Apps no longer work, so my 10 year old daughter loves it as an iPod .

    What I dont like about WhatsApp is the way we are forced to upgrade the App all the time. Most others Apps allow you the option to upgrade or not, which means one can continue using older Apps.

    Let's just switch to eBuddy XMS ANYWAY and give WhatsApp a run for their money. Why? Just because it's still working on an unsupported device and OS.

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    84277 Views457 Replies



    Surely at these sorts of numbers above, that's enough to warrant some serious pressure on the Whats App developers as well as Apple? It's evidently a big problem. Supply v Demand, and all that.... Consumer is King.. EIGHTY THOUSAND PEOPLE!!!


  • tonefox Level 6 (9,160 points)

    Or maybe 40000 people looked at the thread twice each. Or ten thousand people looked at the thread eight times. Possibly one person alone has looked at the thread a couple of hundred times over the weeks.


    Views does not equal people.


    As has been said, Whatsapp has absolutely nothing to do with Apple. If you want to pressure the developers, why are you wasting time posting here?

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    lawtiar wrote:


    XMS eBuddy still works on the iPhone 3G

    Yep! Installed it on my 3G, my Girlfriend on her Galaxy S3 and it goes. Even funny photo stuff and accesable via the web! THX.

    I was able to read my old frozen messages from WhatsApp via BlueStacks windows programm, but it is a cumbersome application which takes 50% cpu time when running (even in the background) It emulates a galaxy tab somehow, but most times no access to the playstore.


    @chopsticks: if all those 84.277 people ask their money back, that would wake up an accountant somewhere....


    ps, why can't I copy/paste in these replies? Apple restriction? Old webbrowser version?

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    Jeez, tonefox.

    Talk about taking this whole issue wahey too seriously? I was making a light-hearted observation.

    I can see you are too busy insulting people to see that. Relax!!!

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,894 points)

    chopstiks wrote:


    Jeez, tonefox.

    Talk about taking this whole issue wahey too seriously? I was making a light-hearted observation.

    I can see you are too busy insulting people to see that. Relax!!!

    Seems to me the only person casting aspersions on others is you. tonefox made an observation and a suggestion.

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,716 points)

    Please follow your own advice and relax.



  • chopstiks Level 1 (0 points)

    hahahaaaaa. Oh here come the bullies.


    All my comments are written with a smile on my face.


    Have a good night!!