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I have created video in keynote with audio files on each slide.  The audio on each slide have slightly different volumes.  I would like to export the keynote presentation to video with a consistent audio volume, is there a way to do this without importing it into imovie, or some other video editting program?  I would prefer not to import it in imovie because it degrades the color, sound and recrops the original video created by keynote. 

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Take your audio files into levelator, its free!



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    This was a great suggestion and it solved my issue although I wish there was something natively, I am so grateful for this suggestion.  Here is my process for correcting the audio for anyone that may be looking for a way to normalize their audio clips:


    First I changed the file extension for my keynote presentation and changed it to .zip

    This changes your keynote presentation into a normal compressed folder.


    I then copied all the audio files that were stored in my presentation folder and converted them to AIFF (Levelator only normalizes WAV and AIFF files) and dragged them into "Levelator"s conversion window.  Levelator batch normalizes and compresses your files and outputs them with a new file extension once converted.  (There isn't any editting options here Levelator seems to normalize and compress to a preset level, simple!)


    After the files were converted I changed the file extension and name back to the original file extension and name that was in the original keynote folder and replaced the original keynote audio files with the newly converted ones from Levelator.

    This lets you replace your existing audio files in your presentation and keep the timings and settings you already have.

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    What happens if you go to the inspector (quicktime) and manually vary the sound files' volume so they sound similar in sound level?

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    Thats a reasonable option but I suppose my real issue was always with the actual audio files that were stored on the presentation itself.  I had converted the presentations from a powerpoint and then added new audio from another source during revisions for my client.  The audio files were not consistent and having to manually adjust sound levels to a truely consistent level by ear is fairly subjective and left room for error.  I wanted a more reliable sound than I was able to get simply by doing it by ear and listening to the (5) 20 min presentations that I have created wasn't really efficient or effective. 


    Although I should note that levelator did corrupt some of the audio files, (they seemed to be clipped short) I needed to replace them with a previous copy of the audio clips I had but overall still better than my unbalanced audio presentation.