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I currently use Google Calendar to manage my calendars, with some calendars fully shared (view full event details, read/write) with my wife. 


I also have been sharing my availability with non-Mac using clients and external partners using Tungle (and am transitioning to TimeBridge, www.timebridge.com now that RIM killed Tungle).  Similarly, my wife currently shares free/busy info in her personal calendar with a work colleague who is on Google Calendars as well so he can see her availability even when it is affected by non-work events.


Lately we've been having increasing trouble with random Google sync issues, so I'm considering switching to iCloud calendar sharing instead.


We would like to continue sharing free/busy info with some people, and from what I've read iCloud doesn't have this sort of functionality.  Even when a calendar is shared publicly, people can view all event details -- something we definitely DON'T want clients or work colleagues to have full access to.


Is there any way to sync my iCloud calendars into a third-party site like TimeBridge or even Google Calendars so that I can share only my availability externally?  Or any other workaround?



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