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Hello I use aperture only for wedding professional photography, which external file format is better to use? TIFF or  PSD , 8 BIT OR 16 BIT?

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    Since your raw images probably have more than 8 BIT, I'd pick one of the 16 BIT formats. This will ensure a very high quality when doing color adjustments, skin smoothing and retouching. As for the difference tiff-pds, I have no clear preference. Both are lossless formats and work well with Photoshops layers; only the file size usually is higher for uncompressed TIFFs then for comparable PSDs. What is the external editor you want to use? Have a look, what the manufacturer recommends.




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    I would add only:


    OP: if you don't know enough to chose, chose the one that is most broadly used and "costs" you no data.  That is 16-bit TIFF.  You can always trim later, once you know enough to make an informed decision.  You can never get back data you've discarded.

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    You can never get back data you've discarded.

    Very true!