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Updated my iphone 4s to ios 6.0.1 a few days ago via itunes, and wifi has gone since.


Read posts with reccommedations such as...


Restart iphone (turn off then on)


Restore iphone to backup dated before the update.


Restore iphone to factory settings.


I've tried all these amongst some ideas that were a little more far fetched and nothing seems to work.


I've read a number of posts that say you just have to buy another phone completely but I refuse to believe that a company this last would create this problem with no end solution to help fix it.


Does anyone know if there is a fix that works for this error? or is it true that I'd have to get a completely new phone to replace it.


Need to know info...


wifi network won't go past the searching for networks panel. Have tried connecting manually but failed.


I have had my iphone for coming up 18 months and therefor no longer have apple warranty coverage. If I can help it I'd prefer not to buy another warranty pack.


Thank you

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    Why not update to ios 6.0.2?

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    its not available to me as of yet.

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    Have you done a Network Reset on your iPhone?  If so, then have you tried a iPhone Reset while the iPhone was plugged into an outlet via the charging cable?  Holding both the Home Button and the Sleep / Wake Button for more than 15 sec.  After the Reset try the Wi-Fi, but if doesn't work turn the phone completely OFF and On via the Sleep / Wake Button being held until the Slide-To-Power-Off appears and you slide it.  Try Wi-Fi again.  Anothr possible thought is turning Cellular Data to Off and then try Wi-Fi.  I am with you on the thought that there has to be a way to get it working again.

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    I've done a network reset but not "Holding both the Home Button and the Sleep / Wake Button for more than 15 sec" which I'll eagerly try now, I've also tried power of/on and cellular off/wifi on combination to no avail. Really appreciate your help no matter the outcome WiseJD. Thank you.

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    after holding both the sleep/wake button with the home button together for 15 secs I'm still at square one. However, this time instead of the wifi panel being stuck on searching... it is now completely greyed out and unresponsive to the touch. It's starting to look like a hardware issue I feared I may have to pay to get fixed? so wrong! I downloaded an apple reccommended update, it shouldn't come to this.

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    In rare instances, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch may be unable to enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in Settings. When this occurs, you will see the following symptoms:

    • Unable to turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off because the setting is grayed out or dim.
    • Missing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth MAC Address missing or displaying all zeros in Settings > General > About.



    If you encounter this issue, try the following steps and attempt to enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth after each one.

    1. Verify that Airplane Mode is off.
    2. Restart your iOS device
    3. Update your iOS device
    4. Reset Network Settings, by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
    5. Restore your iOS device in iTunes.

    If you are still unable to turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off after attempting these steps, contact Apple or your wireless carrier for additional assistance.


    Additional Information

    If you are able to turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on and off, but are unable to connect to a network or accessory, see the following articles for assistance:

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    6.0.2 was only for iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

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    some excellent progress has been made overnight ...after resetting the network settings to factory default for perhaps the third time on the iphone 4s (Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings) and restoring the phone to factoring settings via itunes plus holding the iphones power button + home key together for 15 secs (approximately done five times again and again) it now connects to wifi temporarily before dropping out.

    Now to fix the continuous drop out ...optimism is the word of the day.

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    Well your right, that is progress.  Now you may want to assume for a while that part of this mystery is Router related.  I don't know for sure what all you may have already done to try an isolate a Router issue, but I must ask if you have tried a Wi-Fi connect with your phone to another Wi-Fi Network?  There are many problems that manafest themselves with a condition that could be called repeated Wi-Fi dropping out.  Some have been related to the Security setting in the Router, others have been due to compeating devices using the same router.  If you test your iPhone with a non-secure Network and it stays connected, then the problem may indeed be the type of security on your Router.  Sometimes, after all the things you have done with the iPhone all you need to do is Reset the Router.  Don't know if your Router has some diagnostics that allow you to see your Network, but if so reviewing things that way can help identify the problem. 


    Before I get too wordy...


    1).  Have you tried to connect to a different Wi-Fi Network?

    2).  Have you tried to Reset your Router (or just Powere it Off and back On?

    3).  Have you tried to temporarily setup your Router Network with No Security?


    Good Luck ...Keep up the good work!

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    Still won't connect. Changed DNS to Did all the above.  Did complete retore.  I still have my daughter's ipad 2 and itouch 4 that won't access imessage or facetime.  Also can't do anything in instagram. Also had to turn of wi-fi on my 4s after the upgrade otherwise I can't connect to google, safari, pandora. Based on the number of posts out there someone missed something in testing.  My next phone will most likely not be an apple device now. Really disappointed because only reason we gor my daughter an Ipad was because they use them in school. Now one software upgrade and it caused total chaos. BTW have belkin n300 and all worked fine. Oh and almost forgot to mwntion had company over and they did not have any issues with our router and they were on a previous ios version.

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    i have tryed all that and i cant get any connection?