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After a month of trying Remote 3.0 on iPhones and iPads, I found the following annoying problems. Please fix them asap.


First, for my setting: I have all music stored on a main PC (Win7 64bit), whose iTunes is setting up the home sharing to send music to Apple TV and Airplay speakers (B&W Zeppelin).



1. From a fresh start of iTunes on my PC, it works fine. But after a while, when I try to play a tune using Remote 3.0 on iPads, I can't play songs in a regular mode (i.e. just click on the songs to play through the album). It gives an error message that the songs could not be found. However, when I try to "Add" songs through the 'Up Next" function, I can play the same tunes.


2. The "Edit" function on the "Up Next" list never works.


3. Here's a more serious problem. It appears that the Remote 3.0 function on my iPad cannot override what was done on the main PC. Even when I stack up a number of songs on the "Up Next" list, I have a hard time playing them. What I found when this happened was that the iTunes on my main PC shows a window asking if I want to clear songs. When I execute this on the main PC, then the problem goes away. In general, the response time on my iPad is very slow, and even after I purge all the songs in the "Up Next" list, the original list that was left on my main PC reappears.  This suggests that the Remote 3.0 action on my portable devices does not override what had been done on the main PC. It didn't used to be the case in the earlier version of Remote app.


4. Remote 3.0 installed on my iPhone 4 (not 4s) still cannot find the library.


There are other annoying problems due to the changes in the sorting order, such as:


5. Searching the music under "Genres", instead of sorting things under Artists, it lists all music in album title. I cannot even sort it by Artists. Sorting under "Composers" has the same problem. This is a change from the previous version. It appears that the developers don't bother with paying attention to how the Genres and Composers categories work. When you test it out, please ask users who have a large library and with classical music.


6. In the settings, there is a switch for "Sort by Artist" but it doesn't do anything. Maybe this function can be properly worked out to address the above issue.


Please fix these problems asap.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1