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iPhone 5 battery’s life issue was improved significantly


To all who are experiencing the battery unexplained drainage on the new iPhone 5. I had this issue as well when I first got my new iPhone 5, but seems to be doing much better now after a couple of resets to all settings (Settings, General, Reset, Reset All Settings). I truly believe that it is just a glitch somewhere in the OS which gives a false reading on the battery.


I also let the battery died completely and recharged it to 100% a couple of times, and that probably reset the battery gauge. I now have been using my phone from 8am -11pm with no problems at all. Before I did this, I had to charge my phone 2 to 3 times per day just for normal usage. Every time I let it died completely and recharged it to 100%, it just got better. (see screenshot for yesterday’s usage)


It was crazy that this issue with the battery only happened with one of my two new iPhones 5.

iPhone 5 Battery Usage.PNG

I am now getting about the same amount of battery life that I used to get from my iPhone 4. I am using the battery until my phone dies everyday just to see if that will reset the battery gauge even more. So far I think it is getting better, and it is actually doing better than the one phone I thought had no issues.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2