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I'm running win8 with iTunes 11 and an iPhone 4, iOs 6 synching via USB. After some windows issues, everything was finally working fine - iTunes, iPhone, synch, etc. Then a couple of days ago, I realized my Outlook calendar was not being updated on my phone. I went to try synching right then, and when I connected the phone, I was prompted about "another account" and asked if I wanted to merge the two accounts. Since I only have one Apple account and no one else uses my box or phone, I assumed it was a weird glitch and said, "merge accounts" in hopes that would clear the issue. Alas, it didn't.


I then tried changing various sync options, closing and restarting iTunes, setting sync history on the phone, etc all to no avail. (Reset sync history didn't actually seem to do anything, which was also weird.)


At last, I just tried Device>Info>Advanced>Replace data on this phone and clicked both contacts & calendars. That sync failed to start, so I re-tried doing only Contacts. The sync ran, and wiped all my contacts from my phone, instead of replacing them with my current Oulook contacts. 


Seems like iTunes isn't seeing my Outlook but I don't know why since Outlook is selected in each section for synching (contacts, calendars, etc) and has always worked before.


The one difference I fear may have triggered this is I had recently created an iCloud account on the phone in order to use the Find iPhone app. I now assume that is the "other" account I was prompted about. However, the iCloud account was never set to sync anything other than Find iPhone (not mail, calendars, contacts, etc.). I recently killed the iCloud account on the phone in hopes this would fix things, but it hasn't.


I really need to get my data back on my phone. Any suggestions?


(I have consulted http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1692 & http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2776 but with no luck.)


Thanks so much!

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    I may be jumping the gun, but fingers crossed, I have solved the issue. What was the problem? Why, it was a Windows Update for virus defs, of course! It corrupted my .pst file, though it didn't tell me it had done so.


    This is the 2nd time MS has tricked me into thinking it was an Apple issue - will I never learn?!


    Thanks all for reading my initial question. If anyone else runs into this, I hope this can assist.