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My daughter is trying to record her acoustic guitar through an Allen and Heath ZED10FX to Garage band using the USB out to a new Macbook pro. There is no signal being picked up by the program. It seems the macbook picks up the USB stereo input signal, but no sound? All the settings are at 0db on the mixer.


She's using the #1 guitar hookup and it is powered up using the phantom power switch, the record buttones are depressed and the USB record BUS button is depressed as well. 


Amplitube3 is confusing and she wants to work directly in garage band, which she is used to. Any suggestions? Thanks.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Are you completely sure the guitar is being bussed to the usb?


    Did you select the mixer in garageband > preferences?


    Unless the guitar has a XLR output and is able to be powered by a phantom source you don't need the phantom power on.

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    isteveus: Thanks, I will try it without phantom power, I will look at the mixer in preferences-could it be the vloume was not turned up, I htought the volume was controlled by the board? The buttons are depressed selecting the USB output for the guitar channel and the board send. I'm pretty sure its correct. I followed the line diagram as well, there doesn't seem to be anything unselected, its a very straight forward board. anything is possible. I'll let you know.

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    The guitar input is via a Hi Z FET preamp and is not effected by the phantom power which only goes to the XLR.


    On the mixer, make sure the guitar input is routed to the record bus and that this, in turn, is routed to the USB output.


    Its most likely that the problem is with the input level setting in the computer. Try setting this at max to begin with.