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I want to burn an ISO image. I drag the image I want to burn into the box for the source in the restore tab. The instructions in the Help section say to then drag the destination into the other box but that doesn't work. I try dragging the disc burner into it but that doesn't work. I then click the burn icon and it opens up a window for me to select the thing to be burned. If I do that a new dialog box opens showing the burn controls with a few things for me to check. It is waiting for me to insert a disc. This dialog box has a place to select the burn speed but it won't allow me to access it. It is pre-set.


I tried inserting the disc and the burning begins without allowing me to change the speed. Why the **** is there a speed choice available in the earlier dialog box if we can't access it? I've wasted one DVD with this and don't want to keep wasting them while getting this to work. What can be done to make the burn speed slow?


I have searched for the answer in the forum and the ones that come up are from 2007 and 2008. There were no real answers to the question in them. They mentioned alternative programs from way back, not the Apple DVD burner.


Please help soon.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Thank you for offering a solution. I tried the link and it didn't work. I tried the sourceforge.net site alone and it wouldn't open. Perhaps something is wrong with it. Using dot com doesn't work either.


    I still think that there should be a simple way to access the burn speed if Apple is bothering to make a drop down menu option for burn speed. Blocking access to it is stupid. If they want to do it a only the Apple speed then they shouldn't make a graphic showing a drop down selection menu.


    Anybody else have a way to adjust burn speed for making an ISO disc on 10.5.8? Any recommended free programs to handle this?


    Thank you.

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    Hmmm, no idea why it didn't work... was there no download at all?


    Just downloaded it again from that link using the green download arrow, which took me to this page...




    Or a direct link...


    http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/burn-osx/Burn/2.5.1/burn251.zip?r=http% 3A%2F%2Fburn-osx.sourceforge.net%2FPages%2FEnglish%2Fhome.html&ts=1356723287&use _mirror=iweb

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    Actually the web site must have been down because it wouldn't open. I even typed in the address manually with no success. This time I went there and the site did open. I've got to do some errands now so I won't be trying the software immediately. I'll work with it this evening.


    It is too bad that no Apple Technician or programmer can answer the question and solve it with their own OS X software.


    I'll comment later regarding my success with Burn.


    Thank you.

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    Burn isn't working. Well, maybe it is working. I downloaded it and the program has no help files, no instruction files, and it isn't very friendly for someone who doesn't know all of the terminology.


    I loaded the program and opened it. I added the file I wanted to burn, selected DATA, ISO (in the advanced menu drop down), and clicked burn, without adding a disc. I wanted to see what happened. I wanted to see if it notified me that there was no disc and to see if it would give me some burning options. Nothing happened.


    I've clicked on many of the control items on the top of the screen and most of the options aren't available to me. This program hasn't been updated for years according to the web site.


    Does anybody have any suggestions about how to get the Apple software to give me the ability to select the burn speed of the disc? How about making the Burn program work to allow me to set the burn speed?


    I just might have to use a Windows computer to do this task or perhaps a Linux computer. I thought doing this on my Apple computer would have been the easiest route. So far it isn't.


    The ISO I'm burning is a Linux distribution that I want to try using a Live CD. If I like the Live CD version and all of my hardware works, I'll be installing it on my HP computer. Once it is working well I just might give up using OS X.


    Apple's software is... becoming bloated with things I don't use. I'm on 10.5.8 and it has way more programs than I'll ever need. I want to load the programs I want and keep the other stuff off the hard drive so that the computer works faster. My HP with 10.04 Ubuntu actually is as fast or faster than my Mac Book in many tasks. The HP has a 2.3 GHz AMD Sempron LE 1300 compared to my 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo. The Mac should blow the HP out of the water with it's dual cores yet it doesn't. The Mac is faster than the HP running Windows but not by much.


    The coolness factor of Apple has worn off for me. They have become a behemoth that is just like Microsoft, only with better programers.


    Macs will always be better than Windows machines, but Linux is a lot of fun and it really works well. Every year it improves with leaps and bounds for non-programmers. With the Windows 8 disaster I think Linux will be doubling their ranks by 2014. Not long after that it will double again.


    Anybody here who hasn't tried Ubuntu in a while (or ever) you should revisit it. There is even a program out there now that allows Netflix to be played on Ubuntu. It makes the Silverlight plugin work.


    I'll check here one more time to see if anybody has a solution to help me burn an ISO at a slower speed. Even suggestions for programs on Linux or Windows will be welcome.


    Thank you.

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    Apple's software is... becoming bloated with things I don't use.

    Amen... & it only gets worse on wards & upwards as well as the Hardware getting less reliable.


    If nobody else pipes in & I get time, I'll boot my IntelMac into 10.5.8 & see if I can decipher the problem.

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    By some strange quirk of software I was able to make the Apple program burn the disc at 4X instead of maximum.


    Here is how I remember it; I opened disc utility and got to the box where the drives were listed. A disc was already in the machine. I had created a burn folder and put the program I wanted burned in the folder. I had not done this the first time.


    I think I clicked the burn icon on the dialog window and was about to select the DVD disc in the same window when a new dialog box appeared with the speed choice. I selected the 4X speed and it burned successfully.


    The time it failed was when I did not have a burn folder created and was selecting the file to be burned in the disc utilities folder. When I did that the popup dialog box for the burn would not allow the speed choice. It just began burning at the maximum speed. This is a quirk with the Apple software. I was lucky to find it.


    Thank you for your time BDAqua. I appreciate it.


    Apple software engineers, get to work on this.



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    Good work Micheal, thanks for the report!