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    hey.csound. hi. thanks.


    i think i am not being clear.


    Previous Recipients is a database that exists on my two computers somewhere in the Mac Mail information. if you check the right box in preferences then every time i respond to an email this person (presumably somewhat important) gets added to this database if they were not already added.


    there is no way to access this database or otherwise export it except by /viewing/ it in Window > Previous Recipients. this is how one way mail autocompletes when i try and send a mail. but it does so with two different databases on two different machines. the other way it autocompletes is using the Contacts (ML)/Address Book (Lion).


    so unless you ADD the Previous Recipients to your Contacts you have two separate databases that Mail uses to autocomplete and you have NO database (except your Contacts database where i store mainly phone numbers).


    so what i am trying to do is to ADD the Previous Recipients to my Contacts/Address Book so that these email addresses are on all three of my devices.


    Contacts syncs to all devices using iCloud.


    Previous Recipients does not which is why i am trying to navigate the hinky "add this Previous Recipient to Contacts/Address Book" functionality. this is why i am posting - to see if someone is doing this better than i have been able to find it to work.


    my point about On My Mac is that i have hundreds of contacts and if i just dump them all into the On My Mac i cannot find them. i also cannot tell when looking at a contact if it is in a group. so i have to create a Smart Group in ML that shows me all my contacts that are not in a Group. does that make sense? if i am viewing On My Mac - oh, maybe i misused this earlier and i mean "All My Contacts"? anyway, the point i am trying to make there is that Contacts does not do a very good job of showing me when my contacts are in a group (wouldn't it be nice to just show me which group/s it is in when i look at the card?!) and when i go through the Previous Contacts manual sync up procedure this issue is simply compounded....


    i mean, i keep asking this question and no one seems to have figured out how to use this functionality in a way that makes sense - basically because it is a very unintelligent database/functionality at the moment.


    and there is no way to give feedback on it that i am aware of...

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    re-reading here.


    that should be "and you have NO database"... - on your PHONE for autocompleting emails except of course what you have added to contacts either manually or through the Previous Recipients functionality..."

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    If you add the previous contacts to the Contacts on any iCloud connected device you have added them to all iCloud connected devices, if the Previous Contacts database on the different devices contains identical contacts you will get duplicates.

 , is where you send feedback

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    i mean, i keep asking this question and no one seems to have figured out how to use this functionality in a way that makes sense - basically because it is a very unintelligent database/functionality at the moment.


    and there is no way to give feedback on it that i am aware of...

    Likely because you (and very few others) are trying to make use of it.

    I put contacts in my contacts. I don't depend on Previous Recipients to do that for me. It has the capability to add a contact if I wanted, but never have.



    If you want to dump the previous recipients to a comma separated values (csv) file, copy and past this into a text document and save it to the Desktop with a name such as DumpMailRecents.sql


    .mode csv
    .output "Desktop/PreviousRecipients.csv"


    Open Terminal and copy/paste this into the window and hit return.

    sqlite3 Library/Application\ Support/AddressBook/MailRecents-v4.abcdmr 

    At the sqlite> prompt, copy/paste this into the line and hit return. If you chose a different name, modify it as such:

    .read Desktop/DumpMailRecents.sql

    If it completes without error, you will have a file called PreviousRecipients.csv on your Desktop.

    You can edit that with any text editor or spreadsheet, then import into Contacts.

    I sorted it by most recently used email address.


    Type .quit at the prompt to exit sqlite3.

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    hi barney. thanks.


    i didn't know to add comments to the OS X section but that makes sense. thanks.


    yeah, so - well i had someone that was kind enough to write a script that would basically dump all my Previous Recipients into a Group in Contacts so i could get them to autocomplete on all my devices. but this was a real cluster for a number of the reasons described above, not the least of which was that i had multiple duplicates but also that i had the original Last Name First Name entry and then (oftentimes two) First Name Last Name entries. this was uber confusing.


    i /can/ see how exporting this file to a csv would be very helpful - particularly i suppose if i could do this on both my devices and then /merge/ the two files.


    and - well mind you i am still trying to work this out but the nice thing about doing this through the Previous Recipients database is that i /know/ when something has been added (by the little mark next to it) so i don't have to add it again.


    anyway, i will add commentary to mac and keep my fingers crossed on help on this or other threads. i can't see how they could have overlooked this as it seems like such an obvious functionality (even say at a minimum having my email addresses autocomplete on my iphone) and also since it is in fact there, it would be great if it worked decently.


    anwyay, thank you.


    i must say that i was laughing a bit to myself about all the new social media integration in Mountain Lion. i personally could do without a lot of it and overlooking such a simple functionality as getting emails to my various devices like i can get contacts to my various devices - or, say spending some time getting Mail preferences and settings sync or be portable to my various devices would save me a TON-O-TIME...


    a demain.


    - jon

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    hi CS. thanks.this is what i am doing.


    i think the two things that are going to prove problematic are that i am not finding a way to get the contacts to get added from Previous Recipients (on the MBP or the Mac Pro) in a consistent manner that lets them come in so that the first and last names are in the right section in Contacts. i have tried a number of different ways to do this and i cannot figure out if this is a setting in Mail and if so /where/ it is. right now this does not work and it is a major pita.


    second, these two databases need to be maintained independently (apparently) and it would be great to find a way to do this (somehow) with a one time effort. what i mean to say is now that i have ADDED contacts from each of these databases (one on the MBP and one on the Mac Pro), everything including the contacts that show up in each of these have been added to Contacts. this necessitated at the very least that i delete the second one that was added.


    in the current scenario, if i /don't/ add the contact from each database (say i delete it) they will continue to get repopulated in the database and there will be no way to keep track of what has been added or not added. the simplest way - at least to start - appears to have been to add everything that i need added, delete the random support email addresses and then DELETE the second one from contacts. but if there is a way to avoid this in some way in the future it would be fantastic.


    1. first name last name order

    2. managing in some way to handle the two databases together instead of independently in a way that doesn't cause contacts to get repopulated in the database or that causes them to get re-added to contacts.


    i'll post a link to this thread to the support forum.



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