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I have Snow Leopard and Mail on my Mac Mini. I also have Mail 17-33-47 that I think came with Office 2011 recently installed. I haven’t used Mail 17-33-47 thus far. Until a few days ago, all was fine. Now I can no longer open Mail or the second Mail. When I try to open either Mail I get the following message:

‘You have Mail version 4.5 (1084/1085). It can’t be used on Mac OS X version 10.6.8 (Build 10K549). For more information, click the Help button.’

Help got me nowhere! Can anybody help? That would be appreciated. GLR

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi Gerry,


    Was the Mail App ever moved out of the Application folder?



    After installing Security Update 2012-004, you may not be able to open Mail. This alert may appear:

    "You can't use this version of Mail with this version of Mac OS X. You tried to open Mail version 4.5 (1084/1085). It can’t be used on this version of Mac OS X. Try opening the version of Mail located in the Applications folder on your computer."


    This can happen if the Mail app was moved from Applications to another location, such as the desktop, before installing the Security Update.

    1. Hold down the Option (⌥) key and choose Apple () menu > System Profiler… to open System Profiler.
    2. Click "Applications" in the "Software" section. Note: The spinning gear in the top middle indicates a search in progress. Once completed, sort by application name and look for "Mail" to see all copies.
    3. Make sure Mail v4.6 is located in the Applications folder—move it back there if it is not.
    4. After moving Mail back to Applications, reinstall the Mac OS X Update v10.6.8 Combo v1.1.
    5. Reinstall Security Update 2012-004.