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I was in Keychain Access and was attempting delete some of the old passwords that I don't use anymore. I didn't know that it was the wrong thing to do at the time, but I highlighted on one of them and selected File Delete, which was a big mistake.. To my surprise, the entire keychain was gone. It was login.keychain. Luckily, I backup Personal Data & Settings to my iDisk. I was able to restore it.

I have a couple of questions. After the restore, I noticed that there are 2 System Keychains and they appear to have the same things in it. Should there be 2 system keychains?

I also noticed that MicrosoftIntermediateCertificates keychain is locked and when I try to unlock it and enter my password, OS X Tiger won't take accept it. The password works with the other keychains, but not MicrosoftIntermediateCertificates. Is this by design? I have never accessed this before and it bothers me that it won't take my password.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Windows XP
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    Which file exactly is duplicated?

    I have the MS cert too, hasn't been touched for 2 years from the last modified date (well, I rarely install an MS program) but the behaviour is as you describe so it's probably normal. Could have been installed when I registered for a .Net passport, seems about two years ago that I did that.