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When I hit tab (as the directions state) in the registration window for Quick time player 7 Pro nothing happens, it tabs up to the first window. I know I need Quick Time Player 7, I have downloaded it, I have found it in the Utilities folder of my Applications folder. By the way I have no idea if I have clicked on the correct community to pose this question to.  I have version OS X 10.6.8, it doesn't state Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow leopard or Gazelle... (that would be frustration sarcasm).  Any help is greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Press Enter at the end of the serial number rather than tab. It may not change immediately while the screen is up. Close the registration field after pressing Enter and quit QT7. Launch it again and double check. It should show as the Pro version.

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    Well I think we are almost there.  I entered my registration number, hit enter and the logo for Quick time Player Pro came up.  But it's not showing anywhere in my computer.  I have Quick time player in my App folder and Quick time player 7 in my Utilities folder, but I don't see Pro.  Thank you so much for your help. 

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    You're done. It won't appear anywhere else. What you've done is activate the Pro features of the Player. Its name doesn't change, but you now have access to the rest of its abilities.

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    My whole purpose for loading Quick time pro was to rotate a video that was taken. Can you help me with that?  I have brought up Quick Time 7, I have opened the movie file I want to rotate, I've clicked on Window>Show Movie Properties, and I'm supposed to click on the Visual Settings tab in the middle of the screen, but it is not there, only Annotations, Resoures, Audio Settings And Presentation.  I bring this up in case I am not yet accessing Quicktime Player Pro, and that would still be something I think you can help me with.

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    From the Help menu:


    Resizing, Flipping, or Rotating a Movie

    You can change the size and orientation of a video track of a movie.

    To resize or rotate a QuickTime movie:

    1. In QuickTime Player 7, choose Window > Show Movie Properties.

    2. In the Properties window, select a video track and click Visual Settings.

    3. To resize the movie, type new numbers in the Current Size fields. To keep the same height-to-width proportions, select Preserve Aspect Ratio.

    4. To rotate the movie, click one of the rotate buttons.


    To restore the movie to its original appearance, click Reset.

    I opened a sample video to show where they mean:

    Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 2.31.26 PM.png

    Note that the name of the video is Yosemite.mov, which is what is first highlighted when I open the video. You cannot perform the changes you want while that is the highlighted line. I clicked on the Video Track and then had the options to scale and/or rotate the video.

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    Dear Kurt, Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 8.45.12 AM.pngThankyou so much, I opened Quick time player 7, I opened a video, I clicked on Window> Show movie properties, and there is no visual settings option. Please see my attached screen shot photo. Most sincerely, Ellen

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    As I noted above, you need to click on the line labeled Video Track before you get the rotate options.

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    Halleluia! Solved! I'm so sorry I missed that one step! Wooo hoooo! Happy New Year to you! Most Sincerely, Ellen

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    Thanks so much!  This is what finally worked for me.  I have had my QT registration key since 2005 or so on a 2004 Mac G5 running OS9 (I believe), and tried other suggestions here but this one finally worked!  My G5 died 2 weeks ago and I am now using a MacBook Air running Mountain Lion, OS 10.8.2

    - SFJonesy.