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Gates on Apple Level 1 Level 1

I live in Phoenix, AZ and we do not observe daylight savings here. Everything was working before we went off of daylight savings. Now, whenever I schedule an event through iCloud or on my iPhone, and then send an invite, the person who receives the invite see's it in their calendar 1 hour earlier than the appointment actually is. Example: I will schedule an appointment for 3pm AZ MST and will invite myself to that meeting. Then I will open outlook on my work computer and see the email which will say 3pm. When I open the attachment however, it shows it as 2pm. If I adjust that time, then it sends me a reschedule for 4pm on my iPhone.


I have checked the time zone settings in iCloud and it has me down as Mountain Time and when click on it, it says Phoenix. I have checked Outlook preferences and it also has me down for (GMT-0700) Arizona. How can I fix this?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1