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Hi, I have a brand new Mini Mac with Intel 4000 video card. I do use a 37" Samsung Tv as display and the resolution isn't great. Anyone cna help. Few more info: MAc reconize the Tv as Samsung but without any model name.




Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    how are you connecting the Mac to the TV?

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    HDMI cable

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    set the Mac to match the display settings of the TV in:    Apple menu >  system prferences > display

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    Do these thing recognise TV models? It shows mine as a LG TV, and it's connected to a Yamaha receiver with HDMI 1.4 for both connections. And why doesn't it see the receiver since it's first inline?

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    mndwgz wrote:


    ....And why doesn't it see the receiver since it's first inline?

    The Yamaha passes through the monitor connection to the

    Mini and that is why you get the monitor and not the receiver

    as the device.  The Yamaha receiver is basically just performing

    the function of an HDMI switch and just taps the HDMI audio



    I have a 2010 Mini->Yamaha RX-v467->Samsung 42" LED.

    Had a 32" Samsung before with the same results.


    If it in fact saying it is an LG instead of Samsung, then there is

    another issue.  Suggest the following:

    1.  Shut all down.

    2.  Power up TV and wait for the on screen display of searching

          for signal (or no signal).

    3.  Power up the Yamaha Rx.  Wait a few seconds.

    4.  Boot the Mini performing a PRAM reset.

          See -> http://support.apple.com/kb/PH11243

    This process will force the Mini to reload all device based

    parameters.  The sequence of this is very important.