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    Im at my wits end too for the last few weeks. Since i upgraded the phone to the latest OS 6.1.3 (10B329), even my wi-fi on the 4s has grayed out suddenly and then even the phone stops turning on unless connected to the power and even then it freezes in a few mins and then restarts. The cellular network does Searching... for a long time and both wi-fi and blue tooth are grayed out. All these are very similar to collective problems people have been expressing on this thread


    I didnt want to restore the phone till i get my data out, but when i connect it to the computer to get on to the iTunes (both PC and Mac), the apple logo just blings on and off endlessly. So now my phone without wi-fi and plugged in - no cellular - has become completely useless. I read some posts which said, even a restore did not help, so dont want to restore unless i get my data out first, if that is the only solution.


    How do we get someone from apple to take a keen look at this issue, since i only see rants on this page from people suffering like me and no one from Apple support giving their 2 cents.


    Oh by the way, the freezer / hair dryer / Airplane mode etc is definitely not a solution for me either.


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    I have just been subjected to this annoying wifi issue also. I had the phone replaced due to being under warranty and the new one was hooked up to itunes and restored form backup and BOOM.....same problem with brand new phone.

    I have just tried the hairdryer method and that works...first time only for a few minutes but it seems to be holding out now.

    I even created a new user on my mac book pro and restored the phone in itunes from a fresh itunes but that didnt help.

    Apple WILL be resolving this tomorrow for me once and for all.

    resetting networks wont do it nor will restoring. The issue has to be widespread and if it isnt its only because people arnt plugging in their phones. the majority of people dont use itunes etc regularly therefore it wouldnt affect them.


    Samsung Galaxy 4s here I come most definately.


    Apple once were my dream company but recently issues with allsorts of things have changed my view. I cannot knock their customer service though.

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    how long it took u to heat up ur phone????????

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    This problem has been ongoing for my daughter's iPhone 4S.  This solution has only been lasting about a month.

    I take a Milwaukee heat gun and set it to a moderate temperature - I don't have an exact temperature but it's pretty freakin hot!  I shutdown the iPhone; then I place it on a metal baking tray.  I then hold the heat gun about 12" away from the iPhone's back case and heat it up.  I use an infrared thermometer and get it to about 280 degrees.  Which takes me about 3-4 minutes.  I then it cool all the way down.  Power it on and it works; wifi and all.

    Hope that helps.

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    I was also so and wait instructions from Apple

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    This is what’s up by me!

    One day it just didn’t show any wifi hotspots and then did the” Reset of the network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings”.  At first it work and I had wifi for about a day, the second day it was grayed out again. Then I tried the software restore in iTunes, and that also brought me nothing. Thou yesterday my battery died and while charging, after the iphoune turned on again, the wifi worked again but still only for a few hours L. I saw a bunch of videos on youtube about putting the phone in the fridge and drying it but as I read the replays I saw that these solutions are temporary.

    The bottom point is. The wifi eventually works but the it breaks down after a couple of hours, which leads me to the conclusion that it’s a hardware problem.

    My Iphoune 4S is approximately one year and two month old, but still I don’t think that it has anything to do with it. In my opinion the only real solution is to get the wifi antenna fixed or if you’re lucky and haw a valid warranty the to go to a apple store and they’ll give you a new device. Since I live in Croatia that’s not an option because there is no official apple sore here :( so Ill have to go and pay the repairmen.

    If anyone has a better Idea or understanding of the problem please let me know ;)

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    My Grayed Wi-Fi iPhone fixed! Multiple restores to the point of ‘Settings/Wi-Fi’ is OK + Cellular OFF. If ON, wifi worked but zero routers. Looks like firmware conflict in my case.

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    Today, I've used hair dryer (3 minutes), then allow to cool 3h and Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings


    ----> OK

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    That's my story: I set at home about two days and used wi-fi permanently.

    At one moment I noticed that phone with 3G, look at network - no routers around. I living at big home, so it's about 5 wi-fi access points possible to see.


    After some switch on-off and reboot, I got 'grey wi-fi'.

    Reset Networking settings helped out for a shortly time and it look likes

    1 reset - no grey, 10 mintes of work - no avalible routers. Reset - no effect, one more, and one more.

    Today at morning I reset my phone, restore with backup and got perma grey.


    So, I made that trick with fridge.

    15 minutes inside of freeze box, after that iPhone show me 'low battery, can't run', I start to charge it - suddenly it loaded and about 35% of charge, wifi started to work.


    It still worked about 6 or 8 hrs.


    But I think that should be hardware problem - wet or overheat.

    Have no warranty (bought more than 1 year ago) and have no money for repair

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    Hi all. My iphone 4s wifi also greyed out. Went to apple store for help and becuz out of warranty 1 yr plus 1 month. They cant do crap but sell me another one for $200. Im not smart but i know a scam when i see one. Millions of iphones having the same issue is a product defect. Suspiciously all happening after an update makes me feel its all setup by apple. Iphone 5 is not doing so well on sales becuz 4s is around so kill it. U suck apple.  Ps this the first time i have ever complained on any forum about anything.

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    Fix Iphone 4s OFF wifi



    inside, below camera is powered diode for "IC wifi" error, temperature (hot or cold) to recover it.

      iPhone 4S schematic.jpg

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    Finally I have to tell all of you that my fix with the heat gun was only temporarly. On April 28, 2013 I posted that it worked again. Now on June 05, 2013 the greyed out Wifi is back.

    I suggest that the solder broke again due to the temperature differences an the stress resulting upon the material.


    I will try the heat gun fix again, and will post my results here.


    There will be no fix from Apple. The 4S product cycle is obsolet now. Even if there are, lets say 15 Million people out there having these problems, nobody would care about that. Apple sold over 100 million devices from June 2012 to January 2013. The total amount seems to be 500 millions. So, who cares about 15 million ( 3%) people having problems!?

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    Okay then, not getting too excited, BUT, I heated up my phone for 3-1/2 to 4 minutes with a hair dryer, the wifi started to work like it had previously when I tried this & it stopped working shortly there after, but this time I thought, okay now the soldering is softer "expanded" now let's freeze that, so I did, put it in the freezer for 3 hrs. and until the battery was dead, took it out charged it up, 3 days later the wifi is still working, lost my connection 1 time due to my router dropping out, I fixed my router problem but lost my connection with my phone again! I was so ******! but then just rebooted the phone and got my connection back. I'm not recommending anyone else try this, as I think putting a hot phone in the freezer seems like a bad idea, but hey, it worked for me. Use this at your own risk, I give no gaurantees, just thought I'd let you know my experience.


    Good luck

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    qui trinh say.jpg

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