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I have a late 2009 iMac w/ OS X Lion and also Bootcamp with Windows 7 Ultimate. Lately I started noticing whenever I tried turning my computer down and held ALT down to prompt the partition I want to go in, it wouldnt let me choose and just continued to go on with Macintosh HD. So I just rebooted until it finally prompted the options to get to Windows. I left for 4 days with my computer on sleep (In Windows) and I wanted to get to my Macintosh HD, so I rebooted. It started up with the Apple logo and a loading bar underneath, and when that finished loading, it just had a wheel that would keep going (I waited for like 15 minutes then eventually just shut it down). I restarted it and the same thing kept happening, so then I went into Recovery Mode. Verified disk. Couldn't verify all the way. Tried to Repair disk, couldn't repair. I am so worried. I have screenshots here to explain it better (maybe?)


trying to verify:


then when I tried repairing it it did this:


Someone help! I don't have an external hd right now and I don't know if I can afford one seeing as I have a lot of space used on my computer so thatd probably be unaffordable for me right now)



What do I do?

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