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Ok, here the issue:  I have a 2008 Macbook running OS 10.8.2 and recently my WiFi has been getting extremely slow.  I am connected to a Time Capsule base station and other computers, iMac, iPads, etc seem to work fine.


Here's the scenario: This has just started recently but I can't say if it is tied to a recent OSX update.  WiFi will work fine for 5 minutes and then slow down to a crawl.  If I try to run a speed test the page will not even fully load.  If I then connected to the Time Capsule via ethernet cable the speed is normal (50MB).  Once I disconnect the ethernet and allow it to connect on WiFi again it will work great for 5 minutes or so and then slow down again.


I have tried: turning on and turning off the WiFi - no luck.

Updated the firmware for the Time Capsule - no luck.

Computer has no outstanding software updates.

Set the MTU on the router to Manual and 1453 (suggestion from another board) - no luck.

Put it into sleep mode and back on - no luck.

Reboot - will work for a minute then drop out again.

Reset the SMC - just did it...waiting to see if this works.


The only clear and reliable solution is to connect the ethernet for a minute then go back to WiFi....strange but this works.

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    i've been having this same problem, also on a 2008 macbook for the last couple of weeks now, so it started around the same time as yours. i was convinced it was my internet connection, and had my provider come out a couple of times to check. then i discovered that other computers connected to my wifi had normal speeds - it is only my macbook that is slower than dialup. i've tried pretty much all the things you have, and nothing works consistently - though occasionally i can get back to normal speed, but only for a few minutes at a time. what can this be? dying airport card in the 2008 macbooks?

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    ive never had that issue, my internet always has been faster then anyothers on their pc our home, mind you wifi sometimes doesn't work on my mac, but i blame that on its age, and how ive treated the laptop.

    i wouldn't know why its doing that, i mean i get slow internet sometimes, but when i get it slow so do all others on the same internet.  i guess its like everything out there, there is always a lemon even with the best of products.


    sorry to hwar about that