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I am very disappointed with the search capabilites of iTunes v11 and not really into being bombarded with album cover images.  I think the new v11 user interface is colorful but not very efficent when it comes to music searches.  In the past, I relied heavily on Power Search and iTunes ability to simultaneously enter multiple search criteria (song/artist/genre/album) for my music searches.  Also, past versions had much more robust sort capabilites that helped make finding the songs that I might want to buy faster and much more straight forward, especially when coupled with Power Search.  The whole process is now much more tedious and much slower.


I want to go back to finding music that I might want to buy without having to go through v11's multi-step, slow searchs.  This is more important to me than looking at the same album covers over, and over - and over!  I don't know why these very useful features were left out of v11, but am very dissapointed and want to go back to v10.7. 


iTunes has progressivley gotten too bloated and too slow at the expense of useful  music search features.  I know many of you won't agree with me, and that's fine, but if anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it.  Thanks. Happy Holidays everyone!

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