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I have a nexus 7 tablet and would like to import my ibook library, can someone help?

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    Unfortunately, you can't. The iBook Store and items purchased from it are for Apple mobile devices running the iOS operating system. The Nexus 7 is an Android device and cannot run or use things designed for iOS devices.


    If you wanted a tablet for reading your iBooks Library you needed to purchase an iPad.

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    Hi Julian,


    Thanks for the feedback, Fortunately I own and love my Ipad but happen to have a Nexus 7 which was a gift. Not a bad tablet.


    One challenge I do see for Apple in the future. As a user that is adopting technology on different platfoms, I might elect to choose multi platform applicaitons, rather than IOS exclusive apps.


    Thanks again for your help!



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    Of course making use of multi-platform applications can be a benefit, but then companies only ever design for the lowest common denominator, so you never get apps that take full advantage of any particular platforms unique or enhanced features, and technology advances never get pushed forward if everything is the same everywhere.


    Apple seems to prefer publishing the best apps it possibly can on its own platform to make it the best, rather than lowering their standards by making things compatible with competing platforms.

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    Excellent point and why the loyalty factor / commitment to the brand is so engrained in it's audience.


    Thanks for your help and guidance



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    I have another questions for you?  I own a small design studio with four account managers.

    We each have address books that shoud be similar but they are not. I'd like to have one centralized

    address book that we are all connected to. Can I do this through icloud using a cloud account for the studio only?


    Is there a site I can go to that walks me through this process?





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    You could use iCloud with a shared iCloud account (although iCloud is really intended for personal use), but if any of the individual users also has their own personal iCloud setup on the device/computer, it could get a little tricky to manage. There is no problem having multiple iCloud accounts setup, but there are limitations:




    If you only want to sync Contacts (and keep them separate to users personal contacts), perhaps Google Sync or Fruux account would be better:





    They'll work independently and co-exist happily with personal iCloud accounts.