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My iTunes can't connect to the iTunes store even after updating to the latest version. It keeps connecting for several hours with no response.

iPod touch, iOS 4.2
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    With those symptoms, I'd try the following document:


    Apple software on Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store


    (If there's a SpeedBit LSP showing up in Autoruns, it's usually best to just uninstall your SpeedBit Video Accelerator.)

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    I have been working on this problem (iTunes for Windows) since April 2012 and finally got it working. I have gone through all the suggested "advanced" trouble shooting procedures with no luck. I even tried opening a work order with them which was a waste of time because they had me retry everything I had already tried and never read my responses. I am attaching all my notes on what I have tried since the beginning. What I think was the issue all along was .net 4. The fix was listed in 12-03-12 where I removed everything, including .net 4, installed an earlier version back when iTunes was still working. I am now running version and it is still working, Good Luck!



    • Updated to latest version of iTunes
    • Windows had put back .net ver 4
    • Did repair of .net 4 from control panel, add/remove programs
    • Did repair of iTunes from control panel, add/remove programs
    • Went to store tab, review my Apple ID, it displayed my account info
    • From there went to the music icon, selected one of the drop down options
    • Store displayed all the music in that category



    Fixed 12-03-12!!!


    • Removed iTunes, all the apple crap, bonjour and QuickTime
    • Rebooted and reinstalled an earlier version of  iTunes ver 10.3.1 9 (still didn't work)
    • Removed .NET (it was ver 4)
    • Rebooted and retried iTunes, still no iTunes store.
    • Removed iTunes ver 10.3.1, rebooted and reinstalled iTunes ver 10.3.1 with no .NET stuff at all and it worked.


    So iTunes didn't need the .NET stuff to work but it must have been corrupted in a way that won't let it connect to the iTunes store correctly.


    Next I am going to upgrade to the latest version without .NET to see if it still works. If not I will fall back.



    New items checked 11-28-12: (did not fix issue)


    Set primary DNS to


    Set the Date Forward and Revert Back


    • Open the Settings app and go to General > Date & Time
    • On the Date & Time screen, tap to turn off ‘Set Automatically’
    • Tap on ‘Set Date & Time’ and enter a date a couple of years or more in the future.
    • Go out of Settings and then straight back in and turn  ‘Set Automatically’ to restore the current date and time.


    ran the autoruns.zip program



    New items checked 04-14-12: (did not fix issue)










    Original items checked 04-11-12: (did not fix iTunes Store issue)


    Read through iTunes support forums and tried all these items. Still cannot connect to iTunes Store


    Uninstalled iTunes in this order:

                (1) iTunes

                (2) QuickTime

                (3) Apple Software Update

                (4) Apple Mobile Device Support

                (5) Bonjour

                (6) Apple Application Support

    Then reinstalled the latest version of iTunes


    Winsock Fix:

                netsh winsock reset

                netsh winsock reset catalog

                netsh int ip reset reset.log 


    Opened iTunes in Safe Mode, still could not connect


    Did the autoruns app  -  http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4123


    turned off antivirus to see if it was blocking access, still could not connect


    turned off firewall - it is configured to allow iTunes access with all protocols


    De-authorized and then reauthorized computer


    updated NIC driver


    Disabled itunes store in Preferences / Parental and then re-enabled it

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    Reply to https://discussions.apple.com/people/b%20noir

    This Is the real solution i get to know.

    Being a computer engineer, I did almost everything i was knowing and all the things that diff forms used to say.
    But in the end, by removing a download manager I was having it solved the problem.