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Tommy Fogelberg Sweden Level 1 (0 points)

I recently switched from PC to Apple, in private use of computer.

A friend of mine, long dedicated Apple user inspired me to finally take this step.

He also told me how Keynote outnumbers Powerpoint, and to some extent I can agree...

Anyway, now that I started to work on my first real presentation in this Keynote, I discover to my surprise that you can't open a docuemnt, say word processing, PDf or whatever from within the presentation???

I can only open a few, referred to as Hyperlinks....

I mean, this cant be true? There must be a way to go around this? Otherwise I strongly urge the developers of this Keynote to immediately manage that in new releases!!
Its basic, at least the way I work with presentations, and am appaled that such a flaw exist on something thats supposed to be soooo simple, according to my friend... :-(
To be honest, Im both surprised and disappointed about this!!
Now, after compalining a lot, I kindly ask this Forum, is there any way to get around this basic problem?
With kind regards and thanks in advance!
/Tommy Fogelberg, Sweden

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,784 points)

    The only way to link to a file is to link to a file on a web site.


    Apple have purposely prevented linking to a document as this contravenes Apples security policy, so there will be no change anytime soon.

  • Tommy Fogelberg Sweden Level 1 (0 points)

    Ahhh ok, well then I know.... :-(
    Thnk you very much for taking your time replying Gary, but you must admit its a bit strange that you cant do this in Keynote?
    Ive done a number of presentations, and I work with both PDF-documents, word documents etc. so I use that option within Powerpoint a lot, so for me this was a real setback and a flaw in these highly regarded Mac-products....:-(

    Please help me in modifying my attidtude since I assume you're a devoted Mac user, right?.... ;-)
    Will be intersting to hear my friends opinion about this when i meet him tomorrow..:-)r y


    Once again, thnks for your help Gary, and best wishes for a new prosperous year for you!!


    Tommy Fogelberg