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Mpauly Level 1 (0 points)

I Have a IPhone 5 in fact my second new phone. The first one would not hang up phone calls using the end button on the screen. I took it into an apple store and talked with a person at the Genius Bar. They had no idea what the problem was and had never heard of it. Based on what I have read on various forums I don't believe that to be true. They gave me a new phone and it worked properly for about a week. Then it started all over again. When it is connected via Bluetooth to any of my vehicles the button on the screen works just fine. The only way I can end a call on the screen is to put it on speaker and hit the mute button and then the end call button will work. Everything else on the bottom of the screen works fine, that to me would indicate the sensors are working. Is this a software issue. HELP

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
  • chrisfromgastonia Level 5 (4,185 points)

    Try resetting your phone, you wont lose anything, hold the home and off button down until the apple symbol comes up.

  • Mpauly Level 1 (0 points)

    I have reset my phone numerous times, no luck. I have set the phone up as a new device numerous times, no luck. I have even deleted apps that I don't use regularly. At one point I deleted all my apps I've down loaded and it still happens. My 4s works great with all the apps and never had a problem. Software issue or bug????

  • chrisfromgastonia Level 5 (4,185 points)

    Its strange that it has happened on two phones now... My suggestion would be to go back to the apple store again. And if they replace the phone again, and it starts back up, then this may be an issue with the vehicle bluetooth somehow interfering.

  • Mpauly Level 1 (0 points)

    There seems to be some confusion, everything works great when connected to my vehicles. The problem is present when using the phone alone without Bluetooth connection.

  • chrisfromgastonia Level 5 (4,185 points)

    Ok again, strange, but take it back to apple store again.

  • Mpauly Level 1 (0 points)

    The nearest apple store is 2.5 hours away. I was hoping to find out if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. Back to the store unless someone else has a solution.

  • peterfromtn Level 1 (10 points)

    OK, I was having the same problem, but it was with a Lifeproof case on the phone. I was searching this site and saw someone here mention the Lifeproof case. I took my phone out and the END button majically worked. I was very maticulous on how I reinstalled the phone in the case, and the END button is working fine. Guess the Lifeproof case is part of the problem at least in my case.

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    Peterfromtn, you hit the nail right on the head. I am racing at Sebring and my crew chief say " I've been watching you use your phone and I notice that you are having trouble with some other buttons at the bottom of your screen. Your having to swipe a couple of times". I hadn't really notice it. He had me remove the LifeProof case on my 5 and it has worked perfectly ever since. I am extremely bummed because I love the protection the case gives for how slim it is. I am going to contact LifeProof today. I would urge you to do the same. Maybe they will come up with a case like they have for the IPad with out a membrane front cover. Thanks for your post.

  • peterfromtn Level 1 (10 points)

    I reinstalled my phone into my Lifeproof case and made sure it was seated real good against the clear membrane before I installed the back. This seemed to resolve my problems with the touch screen. I like my case too and want to keep on using it. I don't know if Lifeproof can do much more and keep it waterproof. I like the case.

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    Hi Guys,


    ive got a Lifeproof case and after reading this thread opened the case and put a piece of sticky tape rolled up with a strip of paper on the front (same thickness as the tape at the top of the case) to make the bottom front of the case firm against the front case screen.


    Worked perfectly.


    Hope this helps.

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    The exact same issue is happening with my iphone 5. I don't believe it is the Life Proof case because I have had the pnone for several months and this just recently started happening, I took it to an Apple store and they claimed that this issue is new, that they have never seen it before. After about an hour of trouble shooting, they gave me a new phone.


    The new phone worked fine (in the case) for about a week and then started having the same problem. I am on the Sprint network. I have an iphone 4s for work in the same case on the AT&T network and do not have any problems.


    I am going to go back to the Apple store at my first opportunity. I wish I would have kept my old 4s which I had no problems with.

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    I am experiencing the same problem with my iphone 5 and the lifeproof case, the end call button shades out when pressed but the call doesn't end. I have found that if I put my finger above the screen over the light sensor, camera and speaker that the end call button will then work. Hope this helps.

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    Okay, not believing that it was my Lifeproof case causing the problem, I finally removed my phone from the case. I made 3 calls and the phone worked fine all three times. I have contacted Lifeproof to send my case and get my $80 back.

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    I too noticed this problem with the Life Force case. It seems to me the plastic screen cover is too "baggy." I had a Life Force case for my iPhone 4 and the cover wasn't "baggy." Phonetic's solution of putting your finger over the top portion of the screen seems to take out the slack in the cover. I think this is a Life Force problem, not an Apple problem.

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