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  • ChrisJ4203 Level 9 Level 9

    My son has experienced problems like this as well with his iPhone 5 and his Lifeproof case. I believe this is their issue as well, since the phone works fine without the case.

  • davewill00 Level 1 Level 1

    I have followed this string and one other.  My wife has an iPhone 5 with a Lifeproof case and is experiencing the same thing.   I don't understand the cause but have found two solutions which work for her:  1) When doing the call and it won't end, first change to speaker by touching the speaker button (or as one person pointed touch both the speaker button and the mute button if you don't want to hear the speaker) and then touch the end button.  or    2)  Instead of touching the middle of the "end" bar, touch either end.  This also works for her and is the easier of the two.  We have tried it only on her phone, so I would be interested in knowing if this works for others.

  • Jerseygirl@ATL Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem, but it just started happening and I've had my phone in a LifeProof case since mid-November with no issues. I can touch the END button and it blinks as if it will respond, but nothing happens (call does not end.) I cannot make it happen when the phone is out of the case, so I am leaning towards it being a case issue as well. I had no problems with my iPhone 4 and LifeProof case, but I do believe there was less space between the cover and the screen.


    It is funny how the phone will actually respond (blink) to the touch, but not complete the desired action as a result of the touch...which makes me think it's with the phone, not the case!

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    Same problem here: my iPhone 5 (one month old) is not ending calls anymore since about one week. I tried out several things but nothing worked so far, despite restarting the device every time. I do not think that it has anything to do with the a case, since I do not have my iPhone in a case at all. Hopefully Apple will release an software update soon to fix this issue...

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    Your issue is different than the one described here on this thread. While others are experiencing difficulty in ending calls, they have the Lifeproof case. You report not having a case on your device. You only report restarting the device. This is only the first step in troubleshooting the phone.  A reset is next, hold the on/off and home buttons together until you see the Apple logo and then release. Once the phone restarts, see if that works. If not, then a restore is in order. First restore from a backup and if that does not help, then restore as a new device. Remember a restore as a new device will delete all data from the phone. If none of these work, then make an appointment with Apple and have the hardware checked. There could be a problem with that.


    I do not see Apple releasing a software update to fix this issue as you state, since it is quite isolated.

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    it is the lifeproofcase...


    try this: make a call but during or before the call flip open the the case where you insert the chargerplug.


    the end call slider will work perfect.

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    It is not just a problem with the Lifeproof case.  I have experienced this on my iPhone 5 many times; a call is dropped and doesn't hang up on it's own, so you tap the "End" button and . . . wait and wait and wait.  The key component from my perspective seems to be that the call clearly drops--you aren't hearing anyone--but it doesn't hang up.


    Yes, rebooting the phone hangs it up, but this is not a good workaround.


    I have seen this on my phone with no case, with a skin case, with a full-body case; it is case-independent.  It is clearly a software issue.  Whether this is a problem with AT&T, or the iPhone software, but it's clearly software.

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    Thanks, this cured it for me...


    it seems that the case is interfering with the proximity sensor on the iphone5 (which is why this happens with the "end call" button, but not with other buttons in the same location. Pressing the end call button by itself seems to move the top of the screen protector around sufficiently that it triggers the proximity sensor & prevents the phone from hanging up.


    Holding the top of the screen protector still seems to work. Nice work around.

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    HI ALL.





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    same problem here , i have tried 3 iphones 5 already and am having the same problem ,it happened at least ones a day !!restore didnt help ,upgrade didnt help as well !!

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    I also had the same problem with my iPhone 5 and also have a Lifeproof case on it. When I took the screen protector off of the phone (I had left it on when I put it in the case) the problem went away.

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    Not sure if someone mentioned this but I did find that if reinstalling the case doesn't work you can cover the light sensor with your thumb and then press the end button, at least you can keep using the case.

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    same problem here, when i took the case off it works fine, but with the case on i can not hide the keypad or use the end button, is there a way to turn off the proximity sensor, or in the phone app stop it from going blank, i feel the touch of the screen is somehow making it think i am placing the phone to my face and goes blank rather than recoginzing the button push,,  i have gotten it to work a few times by fast tapping the end button.

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    I have the iPhone 5 and a Lifeproof case. I first noticed the problem 4 months after purchasing the device. I first noticed the problems after calling someone and getting their answering machine but could not hang up. After trying several different methods of hanging up I discovered that if I hit and hold the center button down that I could then hit the END button and the call would end. Probably has something to do with how the protective cover is slightly raised on the device at the end. Holding down the center button holds down the protective cover down letting you select the END button to end the call. Hope this helps.

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    Just to update my original post - I ended up contacting LifeProof and telling them I wanted a new case (actually two cases, since my husband had the same problem) and I got two new cases no charge within a week. I had to pay the postage to send my original ones back, but it was worth it just to get rid of the problem. They obviously knew they had a problem because they never questioned the issue, so if you have a LifeProof case, I would greatly encourage you to contact them and request a replacement.


    I also just saw they have a brand new model out that doesn't use the screen protector at all...not sure how that works, haven't seen it in person, but sounds interesting.