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Safari is all messed up at the top.  the back arrow disappears.  the top lines disappear including the address and the titles.  there are other problems as well but first Id like to be able to go back to the last webpage and be able to use the page comfortably.  I cannot reduce the size of the page or draw it away so i can read what version of safari i have.  6.2.0 is the version. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Reinstall Lion and go back to Safari 5.1.7. 6.0+ is crap.

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    Car --


    What happens if you press these keys at the same time?

    Command + Control + letter " f " ?

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    So, Car --


    Were you in full-screen mode? 
    That's what it seemed like to me . . .Hope you're all fixed now.


    By the way, with ALL due respect to baltwo, my 6.0 is just fine.  I only have two third party internet apps on here. I'm not sure whether that makes a difference or not.  But I like the new Safari version.

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    Here's my take on Safari 6. It's iOSified to play with the iOS toys and the other cloudy stuff. Specifically, the new, but unimproved, clear history menu option, which does more than that (check the help files), the unibar URL/search window, trying to get one thing to do multiple tasks (Apple being like a lemming and following the browser crowd), the loss of the appearance pref and inability to change standard and fixed fonts and their sizes, via the GUI (even though there is a way using the Terminal defaults command), and the utterly useless resizable tab bar spanning the entire browser window.

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    bal2 --

    Aw, common . . . tell us how you really feel.  LOL!


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    And, a happy New Year to you and yours!

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    All the best to you, as well.