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Despite the fact that it meant losing invaluable photos, I finally gave up my month-long effort to fix my Imac Desktop.



I've had all sorts of problems with my IMAC which is a mid-2011 model running Snow Leopard making it basically unusable, grey screen, script running errors, etc


Tried everything to get it going again without success.


So finally out of desperation and knowing I would loose invaluable photos and other files, I decided to just wipe it out and reinstall.


That process took at least 4 or 5 hours (how long is this supposed to take, I don't recall it being that lengthy and that is probably a conservative estimate.

Anyway finally it said it was successfully installed and needed to reboot so I said ok.


But when it did it was the same problem as before nothing but grey screen.


I am at a total loss as to why - if your hard drive is shot will it go ahead and install anyway?


I used disk repair and was successful before doing the install.   I'm ready to throw this $1200 computer in the trash.

IMac, Mac OS X (10.6.1)