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I created a video of myself on my iMac using iMovie.  I used the iMac's internal camera and mic.  About a 1/4 through the video (it's about 15 minutes long), the audio starts getting out of sync.  I looked up solutions to this problem, and everywhere I read said to detach the audio from the clip(s).  I did that, and it was still out of sync.  I then tried to split my long 15 minute clip into multiple clips, and then I detatched the audio from each one of them.  Also didn't work.  I tried uploading to Youtube, and Youtube recognized the issue and gave me a series of steps to fix it.  Did it all, and still the audio is out of sync.  This is a simple, unedited video that should have taken me no more than 10 to throw together.  Instead, I've been screwing around with this for several hours.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5)