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How do I remove Lion and reinstall my previous OS?

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    Just need to clarify.  Upgraded to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard.

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    As long as you have a bootable clone of your Snow Leopard system before you upgraded, no problem. And, if you have your SL installation disk, it can be done. If you have neither, it would be a problem since you do need to wipe your drive completely before "downgrading". You cannot simply install an older OS version over a newer one. So you'd also have to have a current backup of all your files because they will be deleted.


    So, are you sure you want to do all of this or would you like to explain and troubleshoot whatever problems you are having?

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    I'm posting for a friend.  I will check to see if she has an install disc for SL.  I know she didn't backup. 

    The overriding problem is a continuous zooming of what's on her desktop.   I suggested that she reinstall Mountain Lion.   The other big problem is the inability to use AppleWorks, specifically the database .


    Thanks for your help.


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    Unfortunately, Appleworks (and all PPC apps) support disappeared with Lion. So she needs to make a decision of what she wants or needs. AW text docs can be read with Pages, spreadsheets with Numbers, but I've not heard of an application that can read the AW databases; but, there may be one.


    As for the zooming, check the System Preference Panes, especially for Mouse, keyboard, trackpad, and Accessibility - there might be settings there that are set to zoom. I have no such zooming going on - ever, so it must be some setting or gesture she is using.