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Previously, I rebuilt and setup my old G4 for my girlfriend. I'm currently trying to update the OS and iTunes. I am having a very hard time loading new OS software. The error I am getting is the target directory is inccorect. There is plenty of hard space, etc. When I originally set this system up, I cleaned the drive and left mnimal programs on it so it would be as lean as possible for some internet work and lite doc writing and storage. Between the two drives I have on the system, I have almost 100 gigs free space. Can anyone help with this?

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), It's a G-4 system
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    Hello, what OS version are you trying to install now?


    What is the 2z691-****-A number on the Disc?


    Are both Drives Mac OS Extended format with APM partition scheme?

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    Are you trying to upgrade the OS to Leopard 10.5.x? If so the install DVD should look like this.


    A gray installer from another model Mac won't work.


    You mentioned iTunes. Are you trying to set up the G4 to sync one of Apple's iDevices. I have an iPad 2 and it will sync with Leopard and iTunes 10.6.3. However, all new iDevices require iTunes 11.x and an OS of 10.6 or higher. Since a PowerMac has a PowerPC processor, you can't install OS 10.6 or higher. You need a newer Mac with an Intel processor.


     Cheers, Tom