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I'm trying to do what I would think would be an easy and oft-requested endeavor -- sync iCal calendars across different User accounts on my computer as well as my work computer. To illustrate, I'd like to be able to schedule an event on iCal and have it show up in my wife's calendar, which is in a separate User Account on my Mac.  Of course, I'd like to see her events as well AND see them on iCal on my work computer. Can this be done?

Mac OS X (10.7.4), 12GB RAM
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    If you use iCloud you can simply share the calendar to those you want and it will sync the calendars on all devices that use your iCloud account.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    I found this page which features info on syncing calendars with iCloud:



    Soooo, now I've successfully set it up so that my wife can see when I put something on my calendar, but I'm not seeing her additions.  Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

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    Have you correctly allowed her write permissions to your calendar(s)?

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    Ummm, how do you do that? 


    What I have done is gone into her account's iCal preferences and, under Accounts, added my Apple ID as an iCloud account.  I then went into my account's iCal preferences and put her Apple ID in.

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    If you click on this symbol…


    … next to your calendar in iCal or on the iCloud web site you'll see your sharing settings for the calendar.

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    Hmmm, I don't see that icon anywhere in iCal. Where exactly is it located?


    And what is the iCloud web site?


    One thing I did just notice is that, in my account (which my wife can successfully see), under the Calendar menu item at the top, I have "Share Calendar..." while my wife's iCal calendar (that I cannot see) doesn't have share, it has "Publish Calendar..."  Not sure if that's part of the problem or not, but...

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    It should be right next to your calendar name. If it's shared then it will be always visible, if the calendar is not currently shared, but sharable, it will appear and be clickable when you put the mouse over the calendar name. Given your wife can see your calendar you're probably looking at the wrong calendar.


    The iCloud web site is at…



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    Interesting, never knew there was an iCloud website.  Ironically, it wouldn't open in Safari (just got a spinning progress wheel), but it opened up fine in Chrome.  :/


    So, I logged into iCloud under my wife's Apple ID, clicked on the calendar icon, then clicked on those icons to the right of the two calendars shown (Home and Work), selected Private Calendar, and added my email address which is linked to my Apple ID. I hoped that would do the trick to allow me to see her calendar entries in iCal in my account, but it didn't.


    Am I correct that the process outlined above should display my wife's entries onto my iCal calendar?  Or do I need to go view her calendar online somewhere instead of seeing the entries on my own iCal calendar?