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Ipad wont charge, from the wall or computer

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    do you have another charger you can try?

    Usually if an iPad wont' charge it's


    Bad power brick

    bad cable

    bad outlet or

    bad imput on your ipad


    The first 3 can be diagnosed and user fixed. You diagnose by swapping out the parts. if you replicate the problem, then you eliminate it.


    'worst' case scenario is that the port inside your ipad is bad. And if that's the case then you need to make an appointment with your local apple store because that is beyond a user fix. On the upside, if your device is still under warranty and doesn't show any obvious signs of abuse or neglect, then your device will be exchanged for a refurbished replacement.

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    Thanks I went to the apple store and they changed out my out of warranty iPad 1 for 99.00 for a new one.